Common Areas of Mouse Activity

Common Areas of Mouse Activity – Kitchen, Garage, Basement, Attic

No matter where you live in Ontario, it’s likely that you will experience a mouse problem at some point. All homeowners can get a mouse infestation, and this has nothing to do with how clean your home is or other common misconceptions about the issue.

What are the most common areas of mouse activity?

Mice tend to come out at night-time, you wouldn’t usually see a mouse running across your living area in the middle of the day. The most common areas of mouse activity are firstly in the kitchen (in search of remains of food). They are also prone to living in the garage, basement, and attic – basically anywhere with warm and dark conditions. Can mice climb brick walls to get into your attic? Yes, they can, mice are excellent climbers and can easily climb the brick wall and get access to your attic. It can be hard to conduct mice control in those places, especially if there are a number of them.

Why you need to hire professional exterminators

It’s true that there are many mouse traps available on the market, and there are even “do it yourself” type traps you can build yourself, but this is likely not a good idea. If you spot a mouse in your home, you might think it’s a one-off, but unfortunately, there are probably more than one of them. Getting rid of the mouse infestation yourself might sound easier and cheaper, but it isn’t. DIY mouse traps often fail, and you will end up spending way more money than what you intended.

Professionals know what they are doing, they have years of experience with mice control and removal and understand how they these pesky creatures behave. They know their habits, they know where mice tempt to hide and most of all, they know how to get rid of them for good. Exterminators not only get rid of mice altogether, but they will also help you discover the route of the problem. Finding the cause of the mice infestation will ensure they don’t return at a later date. The Exterminators will give you a very reasonable price for the job and get it done quickly.

Now that you know a little more about the most common locations of mice and other facts, you can hopefully see why it’s so important to hire professionals to get rid of them. Get in touch with us today, and we will get the issue sorted before you know it.

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