Are Mice Proven Disease Carriers? – How to Protect You Property from Mice

A mouse seems like quite the innocent creature with its puny size and innocent features. However, these innocent-looking rodents are a serious threat to both property as well as your health, and yes, they are proven disease carriers. Learn more about the danger of mice and why you need contact professional mice control in Toronto.

Mice are capable of carrying several bacteria and viruses in their saliva, feces and urine, and some of these diseases even prove to be fatal in the absence of timely medical attention. In addition to all of these mice reproduce at an astronomical rate. But how often do mice have babies? Just one female mouse can deliver over 100 babies in one year and continue spreading diseases.

Some of the most serious diseases mice parasites like fleas which can transmit Lyme Disease, Rat Bite Fever, Salmonella, Typhus, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, and Plague.

The ticks found on mice, mostly deer mice, are capable of spreading Lyme Disease, one of the most widespread tick-borne diseases in North America. Symptoms include fever accompanied by headaches, skin lesions and arthralgia.

Rat Bite Fever spreads through the bacteria present in the nose and mouth of a mouse, and these bacteria can be transferred to humans through scratches and bites.

Mice contaminate food with their feces and this could result in Salmonella or food poisoning. Apart from affecting your health, this habit of mice also results in the terrible wastage of food.

The Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome outbreak was one of the most frightening disease outbreaks in North America in recent times, even costing lives. The feces, urine and bodily fluids of mice all carry the virus capable of transmitting this disease, the effects of which include renal failure and respiratory complications.

Plague is a real threat even today, and can be caused by the bite of an infected flea on a rodent or through the unprotected handling of an infected animal. Over the centuries, plague epidemics have resulted in millions of deaths.

Rickettsial and Typhus are serious diseases too, and are caused by the fleas and mites found on mice. Symptoms related to these diseases include lesions, fever and respiratory complications.

Therefore, for reasons of health and more, it is always advisable to hire the services of a mouse removal or pest control expert as soon as you detect the presence of these tiny rodents on your property. Feel fee to check our selection of mice traps and bait stations.