carpenter ants prevention tips

Carpenter Ants Prevention Tips

Carpenter ants love warm damp weather as we have in Canada pretty much all year long. It is during rainy seasons that these ants like to make home invasion attempts and infest the wood in your home. The big issue in destroying carpenter ants is finding and killing the nest. The nest is rarely in the house at first. Its usually outside on the property in a dead log or a pile of wood. Get rid of those items and you will be on your way to evicting the colony in your home. It is best to contact a reputable professional ant control service in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home pest-free as soon as possible! Pharaoh ants are a bother too, as they can be quite annoying. Using natural ways might do the trick for you!

The spring and summer is also a time for carpenter ants to reproduce. They do this by growing wings, which is a sign of a serious infestation, and then the males and females have intercourse in the air. The males then die and females shed their wings and leave to start a new colony of their own. They find a crack and fill it with their eggs and seal it off and wait until the ant workers she gives birth to are fully grown. This process repeats every year. 

A good way to prevent these ants from ever getting to your home is the make sure that all wood on your property that is not still living is removed, trim your trees so they don’t make contact with your house. Mow your lawn regularly and get rid of leaf clutter in your front and back yard and make sure to store your garbage tightly. Keep firewood off the ground and preferably in a garage or shed after it has been dried out. Moister issues like leaky pipes and faucets are serious problems and attract ant infestations. They need to be sealed. Seal cracks in your home and foundation and make sure you outside doors and garage door close and seal tightly. 

If you do all of this you should not have to worry about carpenter ants or call professionals like Pest Control Toronto – The Exterminators Inc.