What is the best spray to kill cockroaches (1)

What is the best spray to kill cockroaches?

There are tons of cockroach sprays on the market that will give consumers all kinds of promises. Truth be told, it comes down to effective marketing and copywriting. Some over-the-counter cockroach sprays have at least one active ingredient or multiple. The industry leader in common household repellants has Imiprothrin. According to the chemical. life science and biotechnology company Sigma-Aldrich and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

“…Imiprothrin is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. It is an ingredient in some commercial and consumer insecticide products for indoor use. It has low acute toxicity to humans through the inhalation and dermal routes, but to insects it acts as a neurotoxin causing paralysis. It is effective against cockroaches, waterbus, ants, silverfish, crickets and spiders, among others.”

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Cockroach sprays are safe for indoor use. The issue with sprays is their efficacy against large swats of population. Most over-the-counter sprays expect consumers to use the sprays on-sight. This will not be enough to tackle a whole cockroach population and will hardly put a dent in the number of the population. The average cockroach contains a very insignificant amount of active ingredients. Another factor why cockroach sprays are ineffective is because most consumers will spray cockroaches on sight instead of going to the real issue as mentioned earlier before. The cockroaches that are seen outside are mere outliers that just represent a tiny piece of the entire picture. The actual threat is in the nest which can only be uncovered by trained and licensed individuals.

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Cockroaches are mostly attracted to moisture and grease. They are often found in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Professional pest control experts have the knowledge and the tools to effectively apply potent formulations that have a true trickle-down effect that is caused by targeted placement. These formulations can only be sold to certified individuals that have undergone government-approved training and certification and have worked under the supervision of a season pest technician.

The most important aspect of a cockroach infestation is to identify the correct species before taking action. This is because every approach will be unique based on what cockroach species occupies the premises. Their diet, their preferences, and their nesting habits have to be known.

Professional pest control experts can also take preventive measures that will put a full stop to re-infestation. They can locate entry points and can point out vulnerable spots throughout the premises that can be exploited by cockroaches and other household pests to access the interior.

The truth of the matter is that the best spray to kill cockroaches is no match when it comes to the trained, certified, and licensed technician who has decades of industry experience and is equipped with all the knowledge acquired throughout the years.

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