Wasp Nest Under Front Steps

Wasp Nest Under Front Steps

Warm weather naturally brings a bust of buzzing insects, among them are wasps. When we see a weird muddy or paper looking mass stuck in our living spaces the first instinct is to poke it. Children get ten times curious than adults, but destroying a wasp nest without proper information of what you are doing could be a bad idea, and worse if the wasp nest is latched under your front doorsteps. Wasps will normally build their nests in far to reach areas, and just like humans, they prefer shaded, protected and warm areas far away from predators. In rare cases, the most suitable place to build their nest is under your front doorsteps.

When wasps build their next on your front door steps, it could pose a serious threat to both you and those living with you, and worse if you have young children around. Since wasps are active during the day, a wasp nest under your front doorstep could mean getting stung every time you walk out or into your house.

Environmentalists and gardeners hate the idea of getting rid of wasps, and its due to the multiplicity of benefits they offer our surrounding environment. But when getting in and out of your home is a battlefield crossfire situation, we tend to think twice about our safety and opt out of nursing those nasty stings.

In case your front door steps are made of wood and have a crack in them, it could easily attract wasps. The other possible reason could be a rodent burrow under your front doorsteps, and these are perfect homes for ground wasps.

Wasps at the front of your house are a potential risk to anyone getting in, and even the occupants of your house. The easiest way to get rid of them would be to call a professional wasp removal Toronto service. One reason you shouldn’t try to terminate this kind of wasp nest by yourself is that it could be hard to figure out how big the colony is without dismantling your step, which is a terrible idea.

Getting Rid of a Wasp Nest, You Can’t See

Attempting to remove a wasp nest you can’t see in or around your home can be a very unpleasant and dangerous experience, especially if you are around people who could be allergic to wasp stings. The recommended step is to contact a pest exterminator and have the nest professionally removed.

Before tackling a wasp nest, you cannot see, you need to make sure you are in proper protective gear. Wasps are aggressive and territorial insects; one wrong move could lead to serious repercussions even if you are not allergic to stings.

Note the entry and exit points of the insects; this will be your point of attack. This activity needs to be done at night when the wasps are least active. Before you embark on tackling a wasp nest you can’t see, the first thing you need to figure out is an escape plan. Make sure you have a place to hide since you are not sure exactly where the wasp nest is latched.

Approach the suspected area closely, noting the possible nest location. Spray the area you suspect the wasp nest is latched ensuring you have covered the whole area. Since you can not see the nest, it’s important to be thorough, otherwise, all your efforts could go down the drain. Return after 24 hours and check for activity, in case there are wasps left, spray again. If there are no wasps, get rid of the nest and dispose of it. If it’son the ground, cover it with dirt. If you are using pesticide, make sure it’s the appropriate approved brand, Canada has strict regulations against importing pesticides. Need to help to deal with wasp under your front steps? Call The Exterminators: 647-496-2211.

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