Bee vs Wasp vs Hornets

Bee vs Wasp vs Hornets

To differentiate between the bee, the wasp, and the hornet it is important to look at the shape and size of these three species. Bees are mostly herbivores and wasps are mostly carnivores that feed on insects. It’s also important to note, that all hornets are wasps as well. Bees and wasps are closely related…

Can Hornets Nest Underground?

Can Hornets Nest Underground?

Yes, they are able to nest underground, however, only certain species are able to. Hornets in general build nests above the ground, but the hornet is known as the Cicada Killer or Ground Hornets does. They build their nest in a preferably dry area and can be present anywhere where there is dirt. These hornets…

I have a wasps nest in my wall cavity – Call The Exterminators

Wasps construct wasps in isolated, dry, and dark areas around the house. They usually build nests that are ideally close to food sources and far away from any type of disturbances. Wasps usually make nests in abandoned sheds, under eaves, and even in the garage. Wasps make nests inside wall cavities. Some of these spots…

When do wasps stop building nests?

When do wasps stop building nests?

Wasp season starts around April and to the warmer months in the summer. It is then when wasps will fully invade an area. The size of the wasp nest starts the size of a tennis ball. During hibernation, the queen will survive while other worker wasps will die off. After the remaining colony stands or…

Differences Between Wasps and Bees

While The Exterminators Inc. offers guaranteed wasp removal Toronto services we do not treat for bees. Read all about what the difference between wasps. Wasps and bees are quite similar in a number of ways as they both fall under the third largest order in the hierarchy of insects, called the Hymenopterans. However, there are…

Why You Need to Remove Wasp Nests

Discover reasons why you need to consider wasp nest removal Toronto. Wasps should never be underestimated in view of their fragile and small body structure as these tiny insects have a lot more intriguing qualities to them than you could imagine.

A Wasp’s Lifecycle – Wasp Nests During Winter

Read all about wasp’s life cycle and discover reasons why you need to consider wasp removal Toronto. There is a wide variety of wasp species and the reproduction of this insect depends on the species or sub-group that it falls under.

Bee and Wasp Sting Treatments – Yellow Jacket Stings

Bee and Wasp Sting Treatments Wasps are winged insects that belong to the order Hymenoptera and are often confused with bees. A highly evolved social insect, wasps are usually a bright yellow in color with prominent black stripes going around their abdomen and measure between 10 to 15 millimeters in length. While wasps usually go…