I have a wasps nest in my wall cavity Call The Exterminators

I have a wasps nest in my wall cavity – Call The Exterminators

Wasps construct wasps in isolated, dry, and dark areas around the house. They usually build nests that are ideally close to food sources and far away from any type of disturbances. Wasps usually make nests in abandoned sheds, under eaves, and even in the garage. Wasps make nests inside wall cavities. Some of these spots are just small holes that are not cemented well or have been deteriorated. Wasp queens take any opportunity to expand their nest in a dark and secluded area. Usually, the nest is hard to spot, but once you pay close attention, you can see a noticeable flight path. Other areas where wasp nests are constructed are in air bricks. 

If you notice any wasps coming in and out from your wall, call professional Wasp Removal Service Toronto immediately from The Exterminators Inc.

These bricks are specially designed to allow the circulation of air. These are usually found beneath suspended floors. One sign of wasp activities taking place inside your wall is faint buzzing from a particular spot. Insolation and woodwork can be severely damaged, but one thing to keep in mind is not to take action yourself! DIYers are often seen making holes in the wall themselves in an attempt to get to the nest themselves. One of the dangers of an exposed nest is that wasps can easily spread from that area and causing them to sting occupants if they are agitated. 

All over-the-counter products are not powerful enough to combat the number of wasps present in a nest. The wasp can easily reach up to 10,000 at peak depending on how restricted the area is. Once DIYers attempt to fight the wasp colony with over-the-counter consumer products, the wasp nest in the wall cavity would want a way out. Most likely the way out is through the interior of the home which will aggravate the issue. Yes, spraying the wasps will kill wasps, but the amount of active ingredients is so low that it is impossible to reach the deepest points of the nest. 

Professionals from a reputable pest control company have a totally different approach. The way that technicians work on wasp cases is through a set of inspections, usually an exterior inspection, and, if needed will lead to an interior inspection. The technician then reports their findings to the homeowner where then a viable plan of action is discussed. Once the plan of action is conveyed, the technician goes to work. 

Safety is a top priority when working on wasp nest removals and wasp control. The technician is fully covered, head-to-toe with the appropriate Protective Personal Equipment which includes gloves, a full-body suit, goggles, and a respirator mask. Apart from that, the technicians are fully licensed and insured to make sure they have the knowledge, the experience, and the skill needed to safely control wasp activity or to completely remove the wasp nest from inside the wall cavity. 

Our professional wasp removal specialists have years of experience removing wasp nests from tight spots. Our technicians are fully licensed and insured in removing wasps nests in an ethical and safe way. We have been in and around the Toronto area for more than a decade and have been helping our neighbors ever since!

So when you see a lot of wasp activity coming in and out of your wall, call The Exterminators Inc.!