Can Hornets Nest Underground?

Can Hornets Nest Underground?

Yes, they are able to nest underground, however, only certain species are able to. Hornets in general build nests above the ground, but the hornet is known as the Cicada Killer or Ground Hornets does. They build their nest in a preferably dry area and can be present anywhere where there is dirt. These hornets burrow nests deep below the surface for approximately 10 inches in order to make a nest as big as they want. Hornets prefer dry soil instead of wet or moist soil because of its effectiveness and durability of the nest. Not only do they burrow in soil, but they can also tunnel their way through in rotten bark. Cicada Killers or Ground Hornets are also active near vegetable plots as well. 

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Cicada Killers females have large stingers which they use to paralyze and kill the cicada with. Their stings are said to be very painful. On the other hand, the males do not have that capacity and are more territorial defensive in nature. They will display their aggressiveness by buzzing loudly to ward off possible predators. 

Pets are also at risk of being stung. It is advised when the Cicada Killer stings the pet on sensitive, for example on the mouth, it should be taken to the veterinarian for medical attention. 

When Cicada Killers or Ground Hornets are present, their presence may not even be noticed until much later when you see an increased hornet activity. These Cicada Killers or Ground Hornets are not easy to miss, since they can be quite imposing with their size. The Hornet Killers are approximately 2 inches in length or 5cm. They can be also recognized by their large black wings and yellow markings. They are mostly active in the late spring around June or July. 

For Cicada Killers to catch cicadas, they have to do it mid-flight. The cicadas are then paralyzed by the wasp’s powerful stinger with the help of potent venom. The wasp then brings the cicada back to the burrow where it will feed the larvae. The Cicada Killer lays one egg in one chamber and leaves behind up to 3 cicadas. It then seals of the burrow. The cicadas are enough to feed off of until pupation. 

Cicada Killers or Ground Hornets can do significant damage to lawns and plants with sensitive and brittle roots due to their burrows. Soil gets dispersed above ground because the construction of these very burrows with may also affect the lawn aesthetically. DIY control measures rarely have an impact and cannot be guaranteed. The good news is that these hornets appear once a year for a couple of months. These hornets are actually beneficial for the echoey stem as they take care of the overwhelming amounts of cicadas. 

When you see an increased hornet activity on your property, it is best to call professional pest removal services. Our technicians are certified, experienced, and insured to take it up against these giant flying menaces. As earlier mentioned before, the hornets’ stings can be excruciating and can pose a danger to pets and children who accidentally come too close to these burrows. 

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