wasp vs bee

Differences Between Wasps and Bees

While The Exterminators Inc. offers guaranteed wasp removal Toronto services we do not treat for bees. Read all about what the difference between wasps. Wasps and bees are quite similar in a number of ways as they both fall under the third largest order in the hierarchy of insects, called the Hymenopterans. However, there are numerous behavioral and physical characteristics that differentiate them too.

Bees are protected for a variety of reasons primary because they are pollinators. Both bees and wasps make nests to accommodate all the members of their colony. And in order to protect their colony, either of them has the ability to provide painful stings. Bees are known to sting only when they are provoked or threatened, whereas wasps are naturally hostile insects and can even sting random people or animals for no apparent reason.

Bees can only sting once as they leave their stinger on their host. Wasps, on the other hand, can sting multiple times and this makes them more dangerous. So it’s best to avoid getting anywhere close to a wasp nest.

The biological and social lifestyles of bees and wasps are different too. While wasps hibernate during the winter months and only come out to build their nests and start a colony in the warmer months, bees are active all through the year.

This, is because unlike the smaller colonies of wasps which only go up to 10,000 members, bees have larger colonies that can even go up to 75,000. The warmth generated by such large number of winged insects in one hive is enough to keep the bees going through the cold winter too.

The wasps’ nest is usually built by the queen wasp after she finds a suitable spot to start a colony. The queen bee does not build the hive. It is the worker bees that are responsible for the building and expansion of the hive as well as its maintenance.

Both are equally pesky creatures however, and even with their slight differences, both bees and wasps prove to be a nuisance when they build their nests in and around homes or businesses. While knowledge about these insects makes it easier for one to know how to deal with them, it often helps to simply get rid of the nests in a safe manner. We also offer a complete range of wasp control products that do not harm bees. For more information call: 647-496-2211