Why You Need to Remove Wasp Nests

Discover reasons why you need to consider wasp nest removal Toronto. Wasps should never be underestimated in view of their fragile and small body structure as these tiny insects have a lot more intriguing qualities to them than you could imagine.

Right from a wasp’s mouth that is useful for chewing on food and wood in order to make paper pulp for buildings nests, down to the end of its body where its stinger is situated, the wasp is quite well-equipped to survive a variety of habitats.

A colony of wasps will usually consist of more females than males. This is because the queen wasp creates males from her unfertilized eggs. While these male wasps are used to build the nest and protect it, the female wasps care of the eggs and larvae in the nest.


The male wasps, or drones as they are better known, have a short life span. They are mainly responsible for fertilizing the queen. The queen, on the other hand, lives longer and her only job is to lay eggs and build the wasp colony. The female wasps, or workers, are non-fertile. They cannot lay eggs and hence their only duty is to care for the eggs and larvae produced by the queen wasp.

Wasps prey on other insects and use their venomous sting to paralyze their prey. This prey is then placed in the nest so that the larvae can feed on it. So, even though the prey is alive, it cannot move and is slowly devoured way by the developing wasp larvae.

Once the season is over, the male wasps, workers and the queen die. The nest is left abandoned and will not be used by any other wasps ever again. The mated and fertile queens are the only ones who will go into hibernation for the whole of winter, to then start their own colony in the next season.

In close proximity, a wasp nest could prove to be quite the nuisance and since these insects are capable of delivering nasty stings that could even result in Anaphylactic Shock, it is often a wiser decision to get rid of the colony and its inhabitants as soon as you detect their presence in and around your home or business. Aside from our wasp nest removal services we offer a section of wasp control products.