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How to Get Rid of Rats in Your Crawlspace

How to Get Rid of Rats in Your Crawlspace

Rats are common in cities and older neighbourhoods where they can find food and shelter. Century homes are especially at risk of getting rats because their foundations have deteriorated, and they may have obsolete piping that rats can crawl through. Rats are commonly found in crawlspaces because they provide rats with comfortable shelter. In the…


The Importance of Sealing Soffit and Fascia Gaps with Caulking

Sealing the soffit and fascia gaps are important because it prevents rodents and wildlife animals from taking advantage of these spaces. The way they can access the interior of the building is by force or by squeezing through these gaps or even chewing through the soffit. Some of the most common household pests and wildlife…

How to Deal with a Rat Plague the Permaculture Way

How to Deal with a Rat Problem the Permaculture Way

Rats are resilient creatures that have exploded in population thanks to their lack of predators. As we drive big cats, coyotes, and birds of prey away from our habitats, rats stay behind and take advantage of what we have built. They ravage our gardens and wreak havoc on the interiors of our homes. Thankfully, there…

Galvanized steel mesh exclusion foundation

Case Study: Rat Extermination in Old Toronto

The following article details an interior and exterior rat extermination in Old Toronto. Rats were found burrowing into a single-family home and removed with a combination of rodenticide, traps, and pest-proofing. If you are struggling with a rat problem on your property, please reach out to the experts at The Exterminators. Old Toronto: Toronto’s Historic…

Why Hiring a Rat Control Technician is a Worthy Investment

Why Hiring a Rat Control Technician is a Worthy Investment

Rats are troublesome pests that you should absolutely get rid of. But should you do it yourself? Handling a rat infestation on your own can be very difficult and downright dangerous. There is also a lot to learn about rats and how to remove them, things that professionals already know. When it comes to rats,…

I caught a rat now what?

I Caught a Rat Now What?

You noticed some rat activity and got a rat trap. A few days later your trap has yielded a reward; you have caught the rat that has been destroying your kitchen and causing a lot of sleepless nights because of its endless gnawing and scratching at night. Now what? If you have managed to trap…

What Are Common Rat Control Solutions

What Are Common Rat Control Solutions?

Rats are nefarious creatures. Rats invade homes and businesses and build nests, and the problem has grown to immense proportions throughout Canada. Recently, Toronto seems to have an uncontrollable rat problem. Learning different methods of rat control, however, can assist you in removing these pests from your home and property.

How to know if you have rats or mice

What You Need to Know About a Brown Rat

The mere sight of a rat usually leads to ear piercing shrieks and feelings of disgust. Finding a rat in your home can cause even more feeling of panic and  horror. Unfortunately, there are many people who suffer from rat infestations throughout Canada, particularly Toronto. Brown rats are among one of the most common rats…

Lime Powder and Rats Control – Does It Work?

Lime powder, whether in calcium hydroxide (Lime-sulfur) form or calcium carbonate (garden lime) is a very useful gardening product for killing small insects, fungi and pest plants. There is however no evidence to suggest that lime powder actually works for exterminating rats. In fact, no serious rat exterminator Toronto experts would claim to use or…

Killing Rats Outdoors – What is Legal in Ontario

Do Ultrasonic Rodent Repellents Actually Work?

There are mixed opinions on whether ultrasonic rodent repellents actually work but if you are looking for an expert opinion; no serious licensed exterminator would use, let alone recommend these gadgets. Ultrasonic rodent repellents are plugged into electric outlets near areas with high rodent activity. The device emits ultrasound (exceeding 20,000 Hz) which is virtually…