How long does it take for rats to die after poison

How long does it take for rats to die after poison?

There is not an exact time when rats die after eating poison. Some estimates say that rats can die as fast as 12 hours while other poisons may cause the rat to die after 3-4 days, and others say that rats can die within a week. It all comes down to what is being affected inside the rat’s body and under what circumstances they die.

When the rat dies of lung failure, the rat can die within 12 hours. When the poison comes in contact with the stomach acid, it produces a very toxic gas. The number of hours may differ depending on what the rat ate.

A poison that involves Vitamin D3.The vitamin produces so much calcium that the rat will die of heart failure or a heart attack. The rat will die a sudden death after 3 to 4 days after the first feeding.

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Rat poison can have a trickle-down effect and kill other rats that eat from the poison rat
Rat poison can have a trickle-down effect and kill other rats that eat from the poison rat

Another poison called Bromethalin causes the central nervous system to fail. When the rat eats this poison the body starts to shut down in parts. This can also cause the rat to die within 12 to 24 hours. The poison works in such a way that the body cannot use the energy anymore and dies.


Another poison works as a dehydrator. The poison contains corn gluten. This is a natural alternative to chemicals mostly used in rodenticides. The gluten will balloon up in the rat’s stomach which prevents water absorption. The rat will die a very slow death due to lack of water.

Depending on the type of poison, the rat will usually wait till it dies. People might be opposed to this and will seek alternative methods. There are a few rat traps available on the market that allows people to catch the rat alive so they can release it in the wild. When doing this, it is recommended that you drive to a desolate area so that the rat cannot find its way back in while at the same time preventing the rat to go into somebody else’s house.
There are a number f factors to consider when getting rid of rats and that is to pick up their dead bodies. Rats have an incredibly high-water content. When the body starts to decompose, it will unleash an unbearable foul smell. When the rat dies of poison, it will become the homeowner or other occupants’ responsibility to find and dispose of the rat bodies.

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