Rat Proof Shed Base

Rat-Proof Your Shed Base

It might happen that you need to ratproof the base of the shed since there can be a considerable gap between the actual base and the ground. Not only does the rat=proofing the shed prevent rats but will also prevent other rodents and wildlife animals such as mice, squirrels, and skunks from building a home underneath. Rats are especially problematic because of the damage they can cause.

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Shed rat base
Rats along with other wildlife animals such as skunks, mice, squirrels will try and go under your shed creating more issues in the long-run

Since they are rodents, they can do extensive damage to whatever material they can bite on and gnaw on such as wiring and cabling and other valuables lying around the shed. The most common species of rat that you will see scurrying around the garden is called the Norway Rat. It is also known as the Brown Rat. The characteristics of the Norway Rat are that it burrows and builds a nest that can consist of several tunnels to keep hidden and to store food. 

So how exactly do you rat-proof the base of your shed so that the rats will stay away?

To rat-proof the base of your shed, you will need very simple tools and materials.

  • You will need a staple gun
  • Chicken wire
  • Scissors
  • Shuffle

What you need to do is cut the chicken wire and dig a trench about a foot deep across the entire perimeter so that it covers the entire base of the shed. Make sure that the trench is consistently deep as uneven wiring can cause problems in the long run. What you will do is staple the chicken wire to the base of the shed and push down the chicken wire so that it will become more stable You will need roof nails to cover the surface of the chicken wire.

Make sure the roof nails are evenly spaced, but not too much as long as it is firmly in place. After securing the chicken wire, you will need to shuffle back the dirt that covered the trench originally. This ensures that that the rats cannot dig underneath the base. It can be also very useful to add additional gravel to make sure that the rats stay out.

Another measure that prevents the rats from coming is the removal of food sources around the garden. Rats are attracted to our houses because they are attracted to the kinds of foods our modern houses offer. Rats are a significant nuisance in urban areas as they scour the streets for food and water. Not only do they go to our yards and houses, but they also go to dumpsters, landfills, and roam the streets to find food. Rats are also incredibly destructive as they have the habit to gnaw on everything they come across.

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