How do I know if rats are gone

How do I know if rats are gone?

There are a few indicators that can determine whether rats are gone. The most obvious sign is audible. If you had a severe rat infestation, you could have heard rats scurrying about late at night since rats are nocturnal in nature which means that they are highly active at night . Rats can audibly gnaw depending on where they are inside the property. They gnaw on various materials throughout whatever space they occupy. For roof rats it can be the attic. The attic is a space where material damage is inevitable. Roof rats have the habit of living in colonies and thus can cause far more damage than lone rats such as Norway Rats.

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Norway rats often find themselves in the garage. They can cause damage to whatever is store in the garage and will use the clutter to their disadvantage. Norway rats that are in the garage are hard to spot, and thus can be discovered until it is too late. They release a horrendous smell that can be smelled from the other rooms. This is due to the high-water content.

Another popular method to confirm whether rats are truly gone is to leave powdery substance on the floor where you suspect presence. This can be flour or even powder. The idea is that rats will leave their footprints behind when they go look for food or nesting material. If you see footsteps, this is a sign that rat activity is present.

As previously mentioned, the smell of a dead rat can indicate that a rat was present. To check whether rats are currently present, you can smell urine and feces. These scents have sour and a vinegary note and are quite distinct. Rats themselves have a quite musky odor. In heavy infestations this can even reach other rooms. If you smell urine, feces, or even the rats themselves that’s a sign that you need to hire professional rat control professionals.

Cat with pest in mouth
Do not expect cats to hunt down rats, but their behavior gives a clue that there is something going on

Even pets can detect rat behavior and might even had experience with them. Cats might tread very carefully, and dogs will bark when they sense something off. Seeing unusual behavior might also show that something is there and that a bit of investigation is needed.

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