How to Get Rid of Rats Under Decking

How Do You Get Rid of Rats Under Decking

Rats are burrowing animals. They naturally dig tunnels underground so they can evade predators and connect one source of food to another. Decks are like tunnels that have already been made for them. Rats love to dig under them and sleep there during the day. The problem with these rat nests however is that they risk spreading into the house. Once under the deck, rats may dig through the foundation and into the home. Give us a call if you are facing a rodent problem. We provide guaranteed rat control in Toronto and beyond.

The most effective way you can get rid of rats outside is to treat them with rodenticidal bait. There are lots of baits available in stores, but the best ones are professional. Contact a local exterminator and ask them for bait stations. A technician will examine your deck and supply you with bait stations, which he will place in the most strategic locations. Bait stations are much safer than the bait available in stores. They are locked, tamper-proof boxes of rodenticide designed for rats. The baits are specially formulated to appeal to rats, and they require a few ingestions to work. This means that they won’t harm chipmunks and other small animals.

In addition to supplying bait station, a certified technician can help force the rats out of your deck by installing a one-way door. This consists of a mesh tube with a flap inside it that only swings outward. The technician can surround your deck with mesh and install the door somewhere on its perimeter. When the rats want to go out to feed, they will crawl through the door and be unable to get back inside. Once out, they will feed on the rodenticide and perish. Another benefit from using bait stations is that rats usually retreat into their burrows before they perish, so you won’t have to deal with their bodies.

How to Prevent Future Infestations

Rat territories can be quite large. Colonies spread from one neighbourhood to the next and can become a problem in no time at all. So, if you get rid of the rats on your property now, they may come back within a few months. To prevent this, you can keep bait stations out all year long. Bait stations help suppress the outdoor populations of rats. Keep your yard clean and keep garbage cans out of reach. Get rid of your bird feeder and don’t let anything rot on the ground, like fallen fruit or ripened vegetables. Exclude your deck, shed, and foundation.

Call The Exterminators for rat control services in the Toronto area. Our technicians can get to the bottom of your rat problem, no matter how severe it may be. We get rid of rats quickly and keep them out with our guaranteed exclusion services. Also, we can rodent-proof your property completely by covering vents and openings in the sides of the home. We use professional-grade materials and pest control products that last. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in all forms of rodent removal. Call us for an inspection today.