How to Keep Wasps Out of Pool

How to Keep Wasps Out of Pool

There’s nothing better than taking a dip in your pool on a hot summer day. During this period, it’snot uncommon to find your pool infested with wasps or other buzzing insects. Often you will spot them landing on the pool surface for a drink. As innocent as it may seem, these pesky insects can inflict painful stings on adults, children, and pets trying to enjoy the pool. So, how can you keep wasps out of your pool? Just follow these simple steps;

Keep wasps out of the pool with diesel

While this might seem harsh, it goes a long way in preventing both you and your family from suffering from unexpected wasp stings as you take a dip in your pool. Pour a small amount of diesel in empty water or soda bottle. Take out the lid and place it strategically next to the pool. Ensure it is in a location that cannot be accessed by young children. Wasps and bees are attracted by the smell of fuel. And as they fly in to get a whiff, they get trapped, drowning once in contact with the fuel.

Keep Wasps out of the pool with raw meat

Hang a piece of the raw or roast meet at a safe distance from your pool. Approximately 50 to 70 feet. Place a basin right below it, and add a drop of detergent. Wasps are attracted to meat. After taking a bite, they will drop down to the basin immediately drowning. Do not attempt to do this directly in your pool to drown the wasps; it could affect your pool’s PH levels. Fixing a pool’s PH level is an expensive affair.

Remove wasp nests near your pool

This is perhaps the most effective method you can implement on how to get wasps out of the pool. Normally, wasps fly in close proximity to their nest for food and water. Your pool is essentially their water source, and getting rid of the nest could solve your problem more effectively for good. However, its important get to contact your local pest control service to perform this task for you. Getting rid of a wasp nest by yourself could pose a serious physical threat from stings, and especially if you or anyone in your household is allergic to wasps.

You could also purchase a decoy or fake wasp nest from your local home improvement shop. Wasps are naturally territorial creatures; they will not nest in areas close to other nests. You could hang a couple of these decoy nests around your pool to keep them off.

In case you have tried all these methods and still don’t have any success in keeping wasps out of your pool, then it might be time to call in the professionals. They will be in a better position to help you get rid of your wasp infestation problem. Until you can fix your wasp infestation problem, it’s advisable to refrain from swatting at them. Wasps are aggressive and territorial insects; they are more likely to sing when they are agitated or angry.