How to Keep Mice Out of My Shed for the Winter

How to Keep Mice Out of My Shed for the Winter

When you are trying to figure out how to keep mice out of your shed during winter, it’s very important to think of the mouse first. There are two things that are likely to be in the mind of the rodent at this particular time; shelter and food sources. If you can eliminate these, then you can greatly reduce the chances of mice invading your shed during winter. Call our mice exterminator Toronto services for quick and affordable mouse control.

Your Shed needs to be less appealing to mice

So, what makes a less appealing shed to mice? Well, first you need to inspect your walk perimeter for cracks and holes. You will need to seal any holes that are larger than a dime or could fit a pencil since mice can squeeze through such spaces. Also, do not forget to block mouse entry points around the shed and roof, also make sure there are no spaces under the doors or near the shed windows. Mice and rats also need water sources and food, and in case there are no sources of food in the shed, they need to be able to easily move in and out to find what they need.

Remove any sources that could attract mice

Mice will gladly take up residence in the winter if your shed offers them a steady supply of food. Rodents need certain things that are easily found in a shed. A good example is, house mice are seed specialists and will feed on any source of food that is grain related. Rats just like humans are omnivores; therefore, if something smells good to them, they are likely to consume it. This is why it is very important to securely store pet food in airtight containers to prevent the aroma from being sniffed out. Placing traps can also be an effective measure in some instances, but knowing which ones are effective for mice and which aren’t can save you the headache such as the glue trap.

Seal your shed

Mice are good climbers as they are chewers. This is because much of their nesting and foraging habits require chewing and climbing. Also, they need to gnaw on material since their incisors keep growing. Mice are capable of chewing up small holes until they can fit through. Make sure you inspect your shed regularly and seal up any holes that could be potential entry points.

Avoid stacking up things in your shed

It’s obvious that we use our sheds for stacking up and storing whatever we do not immediately need. Meaning there is all manner of things stored in the shed, from electrical appliances, tools, equipment to pet food. However, if you want these stored items to be in good shape for use in the future, it’s important they are stored right. If you have to store fibres and fabrics or cushion foam, ensure that they are tightly sealed in hard containers. If you have old newspapers or cardboard lying in your shed, they act as potential chewable that can be used to make nesting material. Consider removing them from your sed or any other part of your property. If you have to keep them, store them in a sealed container.

Hire an Exterminator

This is perhaps the most effective way to get rid of mice from your shed during winter. Our professional exterminator Toronto will inspect your shed to determine all the entry points. They will get rid of the mice and mouse-proof your shed to ensure you don’t encounter this problem again. Keeping your shed pest free will guarantee your stored items are safe from pest damage.