How to Get Rid of Rats Outside My House?

If you live in the major cities of Canada, including Toronto, you are likely not a stranger to the sight of a rat scurrying down the sidewalk. The sight is distressing for many, especially considering that rat problems seem to be out of control lately. Mild winters and an increase in construction is partly to blame for the problem.

While seeing a rat running down the sidewalk alongside of you or directly in front of you might seem stressful, imagine having rats running around outside your home. Many homeowners struggle with rats that take up residence on or near the property. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of rats outside your house.

Denial of Resources

The best way to remove rats from your property is to deny them their necessary resources. If rats cannot find a decent supply of food and water daily, they will move on in search of what they need. Typically, a rat needs approximately 10 ml of water for every 100 grams of body weight. Therefore, if the rat weighs 300 grams, they would need 30 ml of water.

Rats are scavengers by nature, so it is not hard for them to find a source of food and water. In fact, rats use coprophagy to survive. In other words, a rat will resort to eating the feces of another species so they can survive. Feces often contains undigested particles of food, so eating feces can provide rats with their daily nutrition.

By denying rats both food and water, you can easily remove them from outside your home. Start by purchasing outdoor trash bins with secure lids. Trash is like a buffet for a rat. If you place a trash bag in a trash bin without a lid, they will easily find their way inside to eat the garbage.

Make sure you keep the outside of your home tidy and clean. Trim grass so that it does not grow tall and provide nesting areas for rats. Pick up any trash and litter you find in your yard. If you have outdoor pets, make sure you clean up their food and water bowls immediately. Do not leave them sitting out for any extended period, especially not overnight.

Call a Professional

The best way to get rid of rats outside your home is to hire a professional. Professionals can offer you effective rat removal services. Also, professionals can remove rats in a way that does not violate any local regulations. Regulations specify that no animal, even a rat, should suffer an unnecessarily painful or agonizing death. Anything that causes fear, pain, and suffering can violate those regulations.

Make sure you do not use poisons outside your home. The use of poisons can create problems that my put you in direct violation of those regulations. If a predator eats the carcass of a poisoned rat, it may in turn poison the predatory animal and cause suffering. Additionally, a poisoned rat can pose hazards to pets, such as cats and dogs. Instead, trust in the knowledge of a professional for help.

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