Can rats and mice cohabit peacefully?

Dealing with Mice During the Corona Pandemic

Food just like humans is essential to survive. Mice eat in smaller quantities. Therefore, it means they need access to food often too. They have a sensitive sense of smell, hearing, and taste and can pick the scent of food far off. They are mammals and can eat anything a human or their pet will eat. So they go about nibbling whatever food or leftovers are available here and there. Mice’s are disease vectors and ingest bacteria a lot. They also pick bacteria with the body, particularly the belly, hair, legs, and arms. Therefore, mice can easily contaminate your food and surfaces when they defecate or urinate on surfaces. Deer mice, for instance, cause Hantavirus through the droppings and urine. Particularly, mice love carbohydrates a lot due to the quick energy boost it provides them. Foods like bleach flour, cereals, bread, etc. provide delicious meals for mice. However, mice in Toronto, generally feed on anything and you need professional pest control Toronto to deal with them. There are several ways to go about mice as there are several kinds of traps used for different situations and needs. Knowing which traps to use is essential to effective eradication.

Another important need for mice is shelter. Though they can get good shelter outdoors the attraction of food, warmth and safe breeding ground is appealing. As the weather becomes pretty cold in Canada they look out for the limited places of warmth available. And your kitchen or stove provides the best source of warmth for the mice. Immediately a single mice gains access into a home they invite their buddies so fast your home becomes infested. Mice can carry other parasites that can impact your helath. But do mice have fleas? Yes, they do as other wildlife can carry fleas. 

Mice can thrive as professional racers and climbers. They live under varied conditions in your home and around the vicinity. Mice can burrow through a tiny crack or hole of about ¼ inch as long as its head can pass. Also, check your attic insulation because it is also what attracts mice in your house especially in the cold seasons.

Having your waste bin exposed is the fastest way to attract mice into your homes in search of food. Even when the bag is sealed, the mice will create a whole to gain access since they have a sharp sense of smell. Keep the waste bag in the garage or other locations even if it is mouse-proof. Do you have a store, scattered basement of a junkyard? Then it will attract mice in your house fast. A junkyard provides more warmth and a hiding place for mice. With things like piles of wood, old furniture, books, wires, old vehicles, etc. you have created an exciting home. And they will invite their friends to the party.

Contacting a reputable pest control service can guarantee your house pest and mice free. By employing the latest industry save solutions to date. Excluding a rodent goes in several steps. First, the technician conducts an exterior inspection to find any possible entry points such as structural gaps, holes, and even wide crevices as mice bodies are very agile and can fit through what looks to us as impossible to get through. Next, the technician moves indoors and conducts an interior inspection to see where the mice actually enter through, usually, this is in places abundant of water and food like kitchen areas. After confirming the areas he places bait stations these are very safe to use and can all be done without you needing to leave the home as we all practice social distancing to slow down the spread of COVID-19. We also offer commercial grade disinfection services in Toronto. The result will be notable within a week leading to a decrease in population to no population by week 4. The bait actually makes the mice dehydrate which will lead them to perish slowly.