Cockroach Eggs: What Do They Look Like and Where to Find Them

Once an adult female cockroach breeds, she will produce an egg sack known as ootheca. Ootheca can contain up to 50 juvenile cockroaches waiting to hatch. Within just three months time, those juvenile cockroaches will reach adulthood and create egg sacks of their own. Knowing what ootheca (egg) look like and where to find them will help you identify a cockroach infestation and hire cockroach control help.

Ootheca Identification

The identification of egg sacks will differ depending on the type of cockroach that invades your home. Eggs may appear similar with their capsule-like shape, but they aren’t. Most popular cockroach species include:

If American cockroaches are your issue, the egg sacks will be roughly 8mm in length and a dark brown color. On average, the sack may contain roughly 15 baby cockroaches. The female can also produce up to 90 egg sacks in her lifetime, which equates to over 1,500 babies.

The German cockroach also produces a brown colored egg sack that ranges between 6 and 9mm in length. Typically, the female will carry the egg sack around with her until the babies are ready to hatch. The sack will contain up to 50 eggs and the female can produce up to 6 sacks in her lifetime.

Finally, there is the Oriental cockroach. This cockroach produces a much larger sack, ranging from 8 to 10mm in length. The sack is often a reddish brown color and appears inflated, making it look much larger than the American and German cockroach egg sacks. Generally, the sack contains up to 16 eggs and the female can produce up to 18 sacks in her lifetime.

Ootheca Locations

The location of the egg sacks will also depend on the species of cockroach you have in your home. Most cockroaches however, no matter the species, will try to hide their eggs as best as possible to keep them safe from harm. You may find sacks behind objects on your counter or in your cabinets.

They are also often found in cracks and crevices, within waste piles, or inside pipes. The German cockroach is one species, however, that does not often hide ootheca in a safe place. Since they typically carry the sack around, you are likely to squash it if you happen to squash the female carrying it. Of course, the female may attempt to eject the egg sack if she perceives a threat, which is why you sometimes find them sitting in the open, such as on a counter.

If you happen to spot any eggs sacks in your home, make sure you pick up the phone and contact an exterminator immediately. An exterminator can assist you in getting rid of a cockroach infestation in your home. Most extermination methods will kill off live cockroaches and any unhatched baby cockroaches, too. If, however, you spot a baby cockroach after extermination, the professional may need to come back and repeat the process again.

If you still can’t get rid of the roaches, then it might be best to get professional help. Pest control can take care of the problem in a fast and efficient manner. Call The Exterminators: 647-496-2211. or browse our online store for pest control products.

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