Exterior Carpenter Ant Extermination in Thornhill

Case Study: Exterior Carpenter Ant Extermination in Thornhill

Thornhill is a suburban community located north of the City of Toronto and belongs to the region of York. The area grew considerably in the past 50 years due to its proximity to Toronto.
Thornhill is home to the York Farmer’s Market on Yonge Street which first opened in the Spring of 1953.


This case will show how The Exterminators responded to a carpenter ant extermination in Thornhill.

Carpenter Ant Inspection

This Thornhill customer contacted us after discovering carpenter ants roaming around his home. We were informed that activity was also taken place around the house and there appeared to be an ant hill on the side yard.

Carpenter Ants Rotten Wood Steps Thornhill
A wooden staircase on the side of the house shows deterioration which can attract carpenter ants.

We dispatched one of our certified exterminators to examine the problem and come up with a game plan to eliminate the ants.
After inspecting the property, both inside and outside, we discovered there was high activity on the side of the home. An old wooden staircase leading to a newer deck showed heavy signs of rotting and we suspected the ants may have been attracted to the soft wood.

Carpenter Ants Exterior Thornhill
A carpenter ant crawls along a hollowed wooden post in the yard.

Carpenter ants are notorious for burrowing through wood, especially damp wood. This makes it easier to chew through as they build crevices in which to nest.
Inside the home, we observed lower activity. Worker ants will often explore areas near the colony in search of food to feed the queen and young ants.

Carpenter Ant Treatment

Our primary goal in a situation like this is to target the ants closer to the nesting area. To achieve this, we placed four spike bait stations on the exterior of the home near the rotten wood steps. These stations are filled with a special granular insecticide that is extremely attractive to carpenter ants. Once the ants take this bait, they will carry it back to the colony nest where they will feed it to the queen and other worker ants, thus killing them.
Our technician also sprayed insecticide throughout the outside affected areas as well as the inside of the home where activity was taking place. This residual spray will adhere to the surface and can stay active for up to 90 days. It kills ants on contact. Its low mammalian toxicity means that it is safe around children and pets after an initial evacuation period.


The immediate extermination of pests such as carpenter ants is critical in preventing damage to your property. These insects are considered as destructive as termites. They can infiltrate a house’s wooden structure and destroy beams, joists, and studs by chewing through the wood in order to make nesting areas.
They can also destroy outdoor wooden structures such as decks, steps, or fences if the wood is not treated for insects.
This homeowner was fortunate that the carpenter ants appeared to be most active on the outside of the property along a wooden staircase. Old decaying wood often acts as an attractant for carpenter ants. Once ants establish themselves on the exterior of a home, they will forage and find their way indoors. Our team quickly exterminated them and prevented this from happening.
Our work is guaranteed for six months after initial treatment. If ants return within that time, we will preform another treatment free of charge.