Mice Exclusion And Thermal Inspection In Old Toronto

Mice, Exclusion And Thermal Inspection In Old Toronto

The initial call to the property was for a mouse control service. It was about a severe mouse infestation in a two-unit, three-story house that is extremely old. The mice were being seen frequently in many of the rooms of the home and on all floors during the daytime proving it to be a severe infestation. The customer could also hear mice in the walls. Mice are a dangerous infestation as they can cause illnesses like Hantavirus and cause respiratory issues and make existing respiratory issues worse, like asthma. This is from the very fine fur that floats in the air and is coated in mouse feces as they defecate and leave food in the nests they sleep in. Given the reproductive rate of mice, a small problem can turn into a severe infestation quickly.

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Exterior Inspection 

The initial inspection of the home revealed a large number of openings all around the house. Loose caps over large plumbing openings, low wall vents filled with spider webs. The property was not cared for well and was a playground for rodents. The technician also noted a dead raccoon on the property. It was removed. The entryways found were two wall vents, a large foundations gap and a second larger foundation gap. Utility line openings were found. An infrared camera was used to find an opening in plumbing vents. In the basement and other areas, the technician found old bait stations from a  previous company surrounded by mouse feces.

The vent opened
It is only attached by one screw.
An electric box
This box was not well installed and has made an opening in the brick.
An opening by electrical box
These opening are much larger and easier to access than they look from the outside.
Hole made for electrical
This opening was not properly made of sealed and is allowing rodents into the house.
Infared Camera
This infrared camera located openings under the deck. the tech went in to do a more thorough inspection.
An open and accessible wall vent
This wall vent is low to the ground and easy to access for rodents.

Interior inspection

The interior inspection of the basement and house revealed detritus and many openings mice could get into as well as many places for them to hide and nest. A plumbing opening of a group of pipes was so badly installed there were spaces all around it that rodents could access with ease. An enormous pile of removed gutters from the house were simply stuffed in the basement. The entire home was open to access by rodents and other wild animals.

Bait station for mice
Mouse bait stations from a previous company were found.
Bait stations
They were surrounded by rodent feces which can cause hantavirus and staph infections.
Old Gutters
his makes dealing with infestations in the house very difficult, do not use your basement for the disposal of detritus.
plumbing vents
Plumbing vents passing through an exterior wall that allows rodent entry.
opening near Plumbing vents
More openings around the plumbing.
Under the deck
A great deal of dirt and detritus under the deck giving rodents easy opportunities to get inside.
Damaged deck opening
This deck would be easy access for wildlife as well.

Initial Measures

The initial measures taken by the technician included placing interior and exterior tamper-proof bait stations continuing multi-use on the interior and both multi and single-use rodenticide on the exterior in the event rats are present on the exterior. A third station was later added on the exterior.

Exterior Tamper proof bait station
This bait station contains both multi-use rodenticide and single use for both mice and rats.
Two types of poison
Single-use is for rats, that’s the seed blocks, the green packages are multi-use for mice who test food before eating it.

Proposed exclusion

The proposed exclusion by the technician was to seal off the two open wall vents using rubber-coated galvanized waterproof steel cages bolted to the wall with washers to ensure a strong and rigid attachment to the surface. Exposed foundation gabs were sealed off with concrete or concrete substitutes and the utility line was sealed off using galvanized waterproof steel mesh. Many openings were sealed using whatever method was most effective including the uses of silicone cocking.

Sealed vent opening
This vent was sealed off with more screws.
Opening in brick work
Sealed with galvanized steel mesh and grey silicon cocking.
The lower wall
The lower wall vent was sealed with a galvanized black rubber-coated steel cage
Wall vent
A second sealed wall vent.
Plumbing entry ways
This plumbing was sealed off with galvanized steel mesh and bolts with wide washers.


In conclusion,  the extensive exclusion and treatments were effective and in a reasonable amount of time, the infestation ended permanently. The rodents have never returned to the house and the customers are happy and safe from now on. While mice infestations are common, that does not mean they are in any way safe and the longer you wait to treat it the worse it will get.