Can Mice Get in Through Your Air Conditioner?

There are many pests that will invade your air conditioning unit, but mice and rats are the most worrisome. Mice will gnaw on wiring or build nests that can put strain on the unit. Even more disturbing is that mice can enter your home through an air conditioner. Fortunately, you can avoid problems by mouse proofing your home and AC units.

How They Get In

First, you need to understand how they get in. Mice will slip into the tiniest of spaces. An air conditioner is the perfect place for a mouse because the air ducts contain materials they can use to build suitable nests. Unfortunately, mice are notorious for chewing, which means they can cause significant damages to electrical wiring and refrigerant lines found inside the unit.

The damages created by a mouse may prove hazardous for you and expensive to repair. Therefore, finding ways to keep mice out of your AC unit, and therefore out of your home, is of the utmost importance. Mice will find gaps leading into your home or into your air ducts to gain entry from the AC unit, so it is best to stop them in their tracks.

Pest Proofing

Pest proofing is something you should do no matter if you have a pest problem or not. Because there are many other critters that would like to make your AC a home, you should make pest proofing a part of regular maintenance.

You can pest proof in various ways. The following are just some of the ways you can prevent mice and other pests from entering your AC and gaining access to your home:

  • Install covers: You can find special coverings and mesh screens specifically made for AC units that cover air vents and flues. Make sure you cover your vents and flue pipes to prevent mice from getting into your home.
  • Seal entry points: The air ducts of your AC serve as the perfect way for a mouse to get into your home. Make sure you seal and cracks or gaps in the ducts so mice cannot get in and repair damage ducts immediately.
  • Prevent moisture: Moisture buildup around the AC unit is one reason pests, such as mice, will invade the unit. The moisture provides them with something to drink, and hydration is necessary for mice. Prevent moisture by redirecting puddles from rain or condensation that form around the unit.

Dealing with mice in your AC unit is a big deal. Dealing with them using your AC to enter your home is even bigger. Fortunately, preventing them from entering your AC in your home is simple. If you need additional help getting mice out of your air conditioning unit, contact a pest control professional for assistance.

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