Strongest Rat:Mouse Poisons

Strongest Rat/Mouse Poisons – Difethialone, Bromadiolone, Brodifacoum

Getting rid of rats or mice is a priority once you notice their presence in your home. It is strongly advised that you avoid do-it-yourself solutions because of their high rate of failure and the recurring cost associated with it. Knowing how to trap rats correctly does contribute to a better chance, but you can obtain the best result when you hire a professional rat exterminator Toronto company to help you get rid of troublesome rat or mouse infestation. Since over the counter, products contain smaller concentrations of active ingredients compare to professional treatments, hiring the professional exterminator makes sense. Among the active ingredients used in preparing the most potent rat/mouse poisons are Difethialone, Bromadiolone, Brodifacoum, and a few others are perfect for making effective rodenticides.

You can find several brands of rat and mouse poison which are toxic to rodents and humans, unfortunately. Regardless of the brand, they contain one of these strongest rat and mouse poisons – Difethialone, Bromadiolone, Brodifacoum.


This anticoagulant is a second generation agent used in the manufacture of rodenticides. A second generation agent kills a rat or mouse after a single feeding, unlike the first generation agent which kills rodents slowly. Difethialone is one of the two anticoagulants known to pose more secondary risks to predators and scavengers.


This second generation agent is also known as ‘superwarfarin.’ It is an anticoagulant which is very potent in a rodenticide. Bromadiolone is proven to accumulate in the liver of a poisoned rat or mouse. It works very well on rodents which survive first-generation agents and can be used in the indoors and outdoors


This anticoagulant poison is lethal and was first introduced in 1975. It is very popular and poses a greater secondary risk like Difethialone to predators and scavengers. It is found in different proportions when used for commercial preparations.

Please note that these active ingredients are harmful to humans too since anticoagulants retard the coagulation of blood. They are lethal and cause internal bleeding which leads to the death of rodents from internal hemorrhages. The Public Health Agency of Canada prohibits individuals to have contact with these ingredients. Always hire the services of the licensed exterminator and get the best results.

If you live in the major cities of Canada such as Toronto, there are lots of licensed exterminators to choose. Just make they follow strict Ontario pesticide regulations. Call the Exterminators at 647-496-2211, we offer an inspection, rodent proofing, and extermination services. Additionally, if you need some rat control products feel free to check out our online pest control store.