Restaurant Pest Control Toronto

Hospitality and customer satisfaction is a primary goal for many restaurant and kitchen managers. Ideally, managers want to ensure the delivery of tasty, quality food that keeps customers coming back for more. Unfortunately, an invasion of pests can make it difficult for you to maintain quality and customer satisfaction.

What We Can Do

We can provide you with commercial pest control solutions to rid your kitchen and restaurant. The goal of our service is to maximize your protection against pests and minimize your exposure. In doing so, we will provide a multi-step process to rid your business of pests.

There is no such thing as a one-step commercial pest control process. The process requires more than one visit and various important steps. During the first visit, we will assess your business to determine the problem and the best approach needed to solve your pest problem. We will then implement the solution and then monitor the outcome.

Long Terms Solutions To All Pest Problems

We realize that no two businesses are alike, which is why we offer services unique to your needs and the needs of your business. The solutions offered by your pest control technician will vary depending on problems found during an initial assessment. Commercial pest control services tackle insects and rodents alike.

We also provide additional services, such as exclusion and control. Exclusion is an important service because it protects your business against pest invasions. Many pests enter through weak points, such as cracks and holes. We will work with you to seal weak spots commonly used by pests to enter your business.

Control services work to eliminate pests that currently pose problems for your business. For instance, if you have a problem with flies, we will work to control the flies within your kitchen or restaurant. Flies are a nuisance, but they are also a health risk. They often contaminate food and can damage your reputation.

The same is true of any pest, such as rodents. Any pests that currently invade your kitchen or restaurant can cause harm to your reputation. No matter if your pest problem is mild or severe, we can provide you with pest control services to help rid your business of pests.

We understand hospitality, the urgency, customers and the desire to be the best in your craft. Rest assured we work smart in getting your pest problems solved. We will send them packing!

Pest eradication and maintenance. Customers and employees need a pest free environment. Let us make sure this is the case. We offer the most comprehensive programs in the business.

Pest problems are not only bothersome for restaurants and commercial kitchens, they can be a problem for any type of business setting, office spaces and office kitchens included.

With constant traffic going through, warehouses and factories are particularly sensitive to pest problems. Rodent problems in particular. They can enter through open doors and loading docs and grow in numbers over time.


Customized and scalable pest control programs

Why us?

Our services are guaranteed. If contractual pests return following implementation and adherence to our program we will continue to provide service at no additional cost.


We offer pest control solutions for restaurants, food services, food processing, hospitality, multi residential and more. Call us for No Obligation Quotes for your Business. Call us now to book a no obligation inspection. Have a licensed exterminator perform a full interior and exterior inspection, identify potential problems and build an effective custom pest control solution for your business. We Send Pests Packing

Risks of Pests

Take Control of Your Pest Problems

Pests can pose several risks, especially for anyone working in the restaurant business. When you fulfill orders for your customers, you want to make sure the food you deliver will not pose any health risks. Unfortunately, the presence of pests in your commercial kitchen can increase your risk of health hazards.

Rodents can cause contamination issues, especially if their urine or feces comes into contact with food. Customers that eat contaminated food can experience a range of illnesses. Sick customers can lead to issues aside from a tattered reputation. You may find yourself facing a lawsuit that requires you to pay for medical expenses if the issue persists.

Other pests may similarly contaminate food and make customers feel ill. The sooner you handle pests in your kitchen, the better off you and your customers will be. Contact us to find out more about our services and the many ways we can help you and your restaurant business.

Why us?