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Pest Control Solutions for Your Commercial Office Space

Managers of commercial office spaces often face a unique set of problems. As a manager, you must be able to provide a clean, safe work environment that does not pose a threat to the health of your employees. Unfortunately, you must often make those provisions under tight budget restrictions.

Even more unfortunate is the fact that an invasion of pests can threaten the health and cleanliness of your office space. There are also pests that may cause expensive damages to office supplies and the building’s infrastructure. Rest assured that an invasion of pests in your office space does not mean you and your employees are doomed.

Tackling the issue as soon as possible can help save your business and your reputation.


Signs of an Infestation

What to Do When You See a Mouse

We will send a trained technician to assess your space to determine the type of pest you are dealing with and the severity of the invasion. Common signs of a pest invasion include:

  • Seeing dead bugs or insect skins along cracks in the wall, junctures where the carpet and wall meet, and along areas with shelving
  • Seeing live bugs of any kind
  • Finding piles of sawdust or wood shavings (indicates an infestation involving a wood boring insect)
  • Seeing rodent droppings, particularly in break room or kitchen facility areas of the office, or in supply closets and rooms
  • Hearing noises such as scratching or rustling (may indicate active pest activity and possible breeding)

If you happen to see live rodents or insects, it is the best indicator of a pest problem. Make sure you contact a professional at the first sign of a problem. The sooner you address an infestation the better. The longer you wait, the more likely the problem is to spread and cause health issues and possible structural damages.

We understand hospitality, the urgency, customers and the desire to be the best in your craft. Rest assured we work smart in getting your pest problems solved. We will send them packing!

Pest eradication and maintenance. Customers and employees need a pest free environment. Let us make sure this is the case. We offer the most comprehensive programs in the business.

Pest problems are not only bothersome for restaurants and commercial kitchens, they can be a problem for any type of business setting, office spaces and office kitchens included.

With constant traffic going through, warehouses and factories are particularly sensitive to pest problems. Rodent problems in particular. They can enter through open doors and loading docs and grow in numbers over time.


Customized and scalable pest control programs

Why us?

Our services are guaranteed. If contractual pests return following implementation and adherence to our program we will continue to provide service at no additional cost.

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We offer pest control solutions for restaurants, food services, food processing, hospitality, multi residential and more. Call us for No Obligation Quotes for your Business. Call us now to book a no obligation inspection. Have a licensed exterminator perform a full interior and exterior inspection, identify potential problems and build an effective custom pest control solution for your business. We Send Pests Packing

What We Can Do

Take Control of Your Pest Problems

We provide you with knowledgeable services tailored to your business needs. We understand that no two businesses are alike. Each business may face unique pest issues, which means they will need a unique set of solutions. We approach each situation by assessing the problem and then work to provide you with the best possible solutions.

Commercial pest control solutions we offer will vary depending on the extent of your problem. However, controlling the pests that currently invade your office space is an important factor. The goal is to remove pests from your property so they can no longer continue to pose any threats to the health and safety of your employees.

Our services do not stop there, of course. Just because you no longer have pests does not mean you are in the clear. Since we understand this, we also offer services to protect your business against the threat of a re-infestation. We work to strengthen entry points commonly used by pests.

We also provide you with tips and solutions that you can put into place to protect your office space. The goal is to make your space as attractive as possible for your employees and as unattractive as possible to pests. You can implement measure of protection by doing the following:

  • Instruct employees to throw away food rather than leaving any at their desk
  • Empty trash cans around the office frequently to remove food wrappers
  • Clean any break room or kitchen facilities found in the office
  • Make sure you instruct employees to place food in proper storage containers
  • Ensure that employees keep their desk areas clean and free of debris, food, drinks, and other items that might attract pests

By following the tips above and allowing us to help you with our professional services and knowledge, we can work together to ensure you run a clean, safe working environment.

Why us?


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