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How to Protect a Mattress from Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs in a house are a fairly common complaint for our exterminators. These insects are great hitchhikers and will travel on trains, buses, airplanes and on your clothes and luggage. A clean house doesn’t make you exempt from bed bugs as most people associate these pests in unhygienic surroundings.

Are Bed Bugs Contagious – How to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Are Bed Bugs Contagious – How to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs can be spread from one person to another which makes them contagious in one sense. Experts believe that humans are the number one transmitters of bed bugs in Canada and travelling is the major contributor to a bed bug infestation in Toronto. Early signs of bed bugs can include bite marks, blood marks…

How to Check for Bed Bugs in a Box Spring

Bed bugs commonly take up residence in your bed, hence their name. By residing in your bed, it puts them close to their source of food…which is you! These little bloodsuckers prefer to stay as close to a warm human body as possible so they do not have to travel far for food. That does…

Can Regular Bug Spray Kill Bed Bugs-No

Exterminating Bed Bugs – Advice and Prevention Tips

Although bed bugs do not typically transmit diseases to humans like most house-hold pests do, they are still a nuisance. These bugs in your bed often result in sleepless nights and insistent itching and scratching. Bed bugs in wood furniture is also a common sing of sever infestation. How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs…

How Hard Is It to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Common Bugs that Look Like Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have grown increasingly problematic over the years. Experts claim that they are developing immunities to common pesticides and household bug sprays. As such, you find more and more bed bugs invading homes and businesses, especially throughout populated areas in Canada, such as Toronto. Common bed bug signs are specific smell, bed bug casings…

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Can Bed Bugs Survive Outside?

Bed bugs, despite what the name may imply, hide in many places besides beds. You can find them in clothing, inside books, in cracks in the walls and ceilings, inside dressers and night stands and many other locations. Bed bugs prefer to live with humans inside houses in Canada if they can find their way in.…

Can Bed Bugs Live In Wood Furniture

Can Bed Bugs Live In Wood Furniture and How to Remove Them

Bed bugs are synonymous with mattresses as they can live between the seams of it and even inside of it. but they will infest any furniture that is close to the host’s bed. This includes wooden furniture and even metal pieces. As long as there are cracks where they can hide, and these are in…

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Bed Bugs and Alcohol – Does It Work?

In the past few years, the number of bed bugs has steadily risen. They grow increasingly immune to methods of control, particularly common pesticides. In an act of desperation, many people are turning to the Internet as a source of advice. There has been a significant increase in people searching for DIY bed bug remedies.…

What Do Bed Bug Shedding Look Like

What Do Bed Bug Shedding Look Like

It is not always possible to spot live bed bugs until the infestation has grown out of control, so early warning signs such as bed bug shedding are a reliable indicator that you have a pest problem. You, of course, need to know what to look out for since the shedding is easy to miss.…

Low Level Bed Bug Infestation How to Detect it

Low Level Bed Bug Infestation – How to Detect it

Bed bugs are easy to miss until the infestation has grown to the point it cannot be ignored and you staring seeing bed bug shells flying around your house. These pests are tiny, active during the night while you sleep and like to stay well hidden when they are not feeding. If you have been…