Low Level Bed Bug Infestation How to Detect it

Low Level Bed Bug Infestation – How to Detect it

Bed bugs are easy to miss until the infestation has grown to the point it cannot be ignored and you staring seeing bed bug shells flying around your house. These pests are tiny, active during the night while you sleep and like to stay well hidden when they are not feeding. If you have been waking up to unexplained bite marks, it is time to investigate whether you have a bed bug problem and  you need to call bed bug exterminator Toronto or are dealing with an entirely different kind of pest.

How to Inspect For Bed Bugs

The obvious place to begin your bed bug inspection in Canada is in your mattress. Wear a pair of gloves and prepare for a meticulous inspection; bed bugs can hide in cracks the width of a credit card. Carefully inspect folds, tufts and seams. Check the sheets for blood stains and finally inspect all the crevices, gaps and corners of the bed.

Bed bugs also love favorite human lounging areas so move your inspection to all couches, office chairs, recliners and other common seating areas. Remember to look in between cushions, under the furniture and where upholstery joins with the furniture.

Lastly, check all the edges of the carpet and baseboards and all corners of the room since these are popular hiding spots.

Move your search to less common bed bug prone areas just to ensure that you have done a thorough sweep of the home. Remove all drawers and carefully inspect the joints and cracks. Inspect the dressers, nightstand, under lamps, behind loose wall paper, behind appliances and inside picture frames.

How to Exterminate Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are treated directly with chemicals so it is imperative that you find all the nesting areas for a successful extermination. A thorough inspection of your home especially in rooms that are regularly occupied such as the bedroom and living room is the best chance you have for a successful elimination.

It is best to hire a professional bed bug exterminator in Canada to do the job. You may miss some infested areas so the problem will simply recur once you are done with DIY treatment.

Most over-the-counter chemicals and products don’t contain the same potent active ingredients that professional exterminators use. Bed bugs are resilient creatures and you may simply be wasting money on ineffective chemicals and treatments.

Finally, there is the risk of poisoning your family or pets when using over-the-counter chemicals especially if you are not aware of its ingredients. Professional exterminators use eco-friendly and safe treatments to kill the bed bugs permanently and help you take measures to guarantee the bed bugs do not return. Contact the Exterminators at 647-496-2211 if you need help to deal with bed bugs. Additionally, we also offer bed bug control products.