Mice And Exclusion In Brampton

Mice And Exclusion In Brampton

The initial call to the property was for a mouse infestation in the basement of a house in Brampton. Mice are a frustrating and difficult infestation to deal with. Mice are very dirty creatures who sleep in nests that they leave rotting food in, urinate in and defecate in. This means their dander and fine hairs are full of bacteria and can infect your lungs with blood poisoning. This is not an unlikely event, while hantavirus has not occurred in Canada for over half a century the danger of mice has not disappeared.

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Exterior Inspection 

The initial inspection of the exterior revealed a number of openings that would need to be sealed, the largest part of the process was sealing off fifty weep vents around the brick house, all of them can be accessed by mice who can contort their body and fit in a space smaller than a quarter. Four wall vents were also found along with two exhaust vents, one from the furnace with explains the basement activity.

Interior inspection

The interior inspection of the house found expected activity in the basement of the house but did not find activity anywhere else. The technician laid down tamper-proof bait stations containing commercial-grade rodenticide. This is an anti-coagulant poison that causes the mice to desiccating entierly when they die. This makes it safe for them to die inside the walls.

Initial Measures

The initial measures taken by the technician included laying down the tamper-proof bait stations in areas of high activity. The technician does this by inspecting the home for feces and signs of fur caught on entryways. They will find the main pathway the mice use to travel around the home and will intercept their journey to the kitchen with good place bait stations for delicious and easy to eat bait. Do not worry though, your pets and children are safe. The chemical is made for things as small as a mouse so even if your pet or child ate all the bait in the house they will not have an effect anything close to what a mouse would have. They may seem lethargic and dehydrated. You can take them to the doctor or vet for a shot of vitamin K which is the cure but most of the time the pet will be fine. If a child eats it take them to the doctor to be sure.

Proposed exclusion

The proposed exclusion by the technician was extensive and involved sealing off fifty weep vents with galvanized steel waterproof vented inserts. The inside of walls must be vented so the insulation in the walls can breathe, however, these openings are large enough that a mouse can get through and into your home. Sealing them off with a vented insert is the best way to resolve the issue while still allowing the walls to breathe. Two wall vents were also sealed. Wall vents near the ground are easy to access for a mouse. Two ventilation vents were also sealed off with black rubber-coated galvanized waterproof steel cages.

sealed wall vents in brampton
Wall vents are easy to access for mice and other mall wildlife and rodents.
rubber coated galvanized steel cage
Another wall vent was sealed with a rubber-coated galvanized steel cage.
Weep vents entry points brampton
Weep vents seem small but mice are more than able to squeeze through.
Another weep vent
Another weep vent, the home had 50 of them.
weep vent was sealed
Each weep vent was sealed with a rubber-coated galvanized steel vented insert.


In conclusion, the customers were pleased with the treatment and the mice have not been back since. They are thankful for the exclusion of the vents and weep vents and have heard no sounds since the initial treatment and exclusion.