How To Make Sure Cockroaches Don t Move With You2

How To Make Sure Cockroaches Don’t Move With You

Cockroaches are very dangerous and harmful insects. When they grow they do not go through any instar transformations like most other insects. The egg hatches and a tiny barely visible cockroach comes out, fully formed and mobile. The baby will moult hundreds of times as it grows and that moulting is coated in feces and bacteria. It also floats in the air and looks like dust. If you inhale it you may get something as serious as lung infection and anyone with a pre-existing respiratory condition will be in severe danger. If you have cockroaches and want to move to get rid of them then it will not work. They know you are leaving and will infest your luggage and follow you wherever you go. Not just that but it’s not great leaving a new tenant or owner with a cockroach infestation, it’s not polite. The best thing to do is to get professional treatment to have them exterminated. Doing so will protect you from passengers and will leave a cockroach-free house or apartment for the next person that comes in.

Cockroaches are insects but they are not like insects in almost any way. They have a carapace but it is sectioned like armour. This allows them to bend in ways other insects can. They can actually flatten themselves out and survive being stepped on, or hide under a rug when you come into the kitchen for a nightcap. They do not have liquid inside them like normal insects who have free-flowing organelles that deal with digestion. They have fully developed organs like a mammal with the ability to give birth through the same tract they use for digestion. This is because the eggs are protected by a sack called an ootheca. This sack is heavy and thick and nearly impossible to kill, the eggs will hatch from it and increase the ever-growing population.

How To Make Sure Cockroaches Don t Move With You
This is a cockroach ootheca. because they birth through the same canal that is used for defecating their eggs must be protected.

Cockroaches vary a great deal in size colour and shape as well as how many eggs their ootheca can contain. The American cockroach is the largest and only has five eggs per ootheca. The brown-banded cockroach is similar and has closer to six. The oriental cockroach also has fewer eggs but they can fit a few more in than the American or brown-banded cockroaches. The real danger is the german cockroach. They are tiny compared to other species and can have an ootheca that contains over sixty eggs. This is an infestation that is very hard to treat and will take more than one visit. So make sure you call a company that offers a warranty with the treatment.