how to prevent cockroaches from moving with you

How to Prevent Cockroaches From Moving With You

Cockroaches are not entirely afraid of humans. While they spend all of their time in a home avoiding humans and hiding in cracks and crevices and on the inside of machinery in the home they are also willing to walk right up to a human and attach themselves to the humans clothing or enter their bag. This is how most cockroaches relocate to a new home without finding that home themselves. They will hitch a ride on a human’s coat, in a pocket or in a purse or a backpack. In case you need to move you need to know how to avoid cockroaches when moving

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You will not notice as they will remain still as dead and do not want to scare you into killing them. But when you get home that cockroach will crawl away into your home and the general idea of this process is that the cockroach will be a pregnant female. This results in a full infestation that can take only days or weeks to develop. The cockroach with place her egg sack, or Ootheca, somewhere safe and warm, the inside of a microwave’s mechanical parts is one of their favourite places to place it. This will then result in dozens of baby cockroaches scaring you to death as they crawl out of the microwave. Not knowing you even had them can make this experience truly horrific. Many people will throw the microwave away but that will not change anything.


There are some ways to prevent this from happening. If you have a friend with cockroaches do not go into the house. Simply stay outside with them and hope they didn’t bring any cockroaches with them on the way out of the house. If you have to go into a home with cockroaches make sure to wear a dustproof mask and to make sure you do not put down your bags or sit in any chair, especially not soft seats like a sofa. Make sure to check around you as you go through, if you see anything try to get on you, simply swat it off. If you have cockroaches in your own home and are afraid you will spread them to others then make sure to keep your door closed and not invite anyone over as that could cause the infestation to spread to other homes. 


What you should do when you see a cockroach in your home is take care of it, right away, do not wait or think about how you want to do it. Either use domestic products to deal with the infestation if it happens to be small enough and if it is severe and large with adult cockroaches being seen during daylight hours then you will have to call a professional exterminator like The Exterminators Inc. who is licensed to kill cockroaches using a very powerful combination of chemicals and procedures. They will ensure the cockroaches have nowhere to hide and in one treatment you will be cockroach free.