Can Bed Bugs Live and Survive Outside

Can Bed Bugs Live and Survive Outside?

If bed bugs have made it this far on Earth, how could they not survive outdoors? Bed bugs must surely survive outside like other insects. The truth is that bed bugs are mostly reliant on human dwellings. These bugs have evolved to stay close to their prey at all times. Human beds and shelters are the ideal places for bed bugs to live, so they do not do well outside. If you’re worried about a bed bug infestation, the professionals at bed bug removal would be happy to help.

Bed bugs are tiny brown insects that feed on human blood, usually during the night. These bugs have flat, beetle-like bodies that look a lot like apple seeds. Bed bugs travel from place to place by hitchhiking on people’s personal belongings, such as clothing and pieces of furniture that have been brought outside. They also move from one room to the next by crawling through the walls. Once inside the home, bed bugs like to live in mattresses, bed frames, and other pieces of furniture surrounding the bed. This allows them to very easily emerge at night and feed on their victims.

Given that bed bugs prefer to live in dark, warm spaces where they can hide near their prey, bed bugs do not survive for long outdoors. Bed bugs are parasites that have evolved to live in human dwellings. They need to be close to us to survive. Ticks and fleas do well by living outdoors where there are plenty of animals for them to jump on, but bed bugs are slow-moving and prey on sleeping animals that nest nearby. The outdoors is not their natural habitat. Bed bugs are usually brought outside against their will when they are thrown out with infested furniture.

Keep in mind that while it is not preferred, bed bugs can still survive outside long enough to get back in. In the summertime, for example, someone might bring in an infested piece of furniture that they found on the side of the road, or the bugs might crawl their way into a building by themselves. This means that you should be careful when handling furniture and clothing outdoors. When treating an infestation, bag up whichever infested items you intend to throw out and seal them tightly. Cover your mattress with a protective casing. Remember that bed bugs do not live naturally outdoors, but they can survive long enough to cause trouble.

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