How To Avoid Cockroaches When Moving - What To Do Before You Move

How To Avoid Cockroaches When Moving – What To Do Before You Move

Cockroaches, A History

Cockroaches are truly ancient beings. With over 320 million years under their belt, it’s no wonder they are so pervasive. There is a belief that cockroaches formed before the plates of the earth moved, meaning that on Pangea, the single continent that used to be the earth’s only landmass would have had one primary species of cockroaches that would have evolved independently afterwards when the borders of Pangea split. This is all hypothetical but gleans truth as cockroaches from around the world are shockingly similar.


And like their similarities they are similarly hated around the globe, with the exception of South America where they are worshiped as god-like beings, La Cucaracha is a famous song about a cockroach with no legs that is a dance hit in most of South America.

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While they celebrate the cockroach the people north of the border are suffering infestations of them. This brings up an important note. While first world cultures revile pests, third world countries often love them or simply don’t care about their presence. This is a psychological reaction we have been trained to have to cockroaches, and for good reason, they spread disease and destroy foodstuffs. The reason for the difference in opinion from cold to hot is cockroaches live outside in warm environments, in hot ones they are desperate to invade warm human houses.


Cockroaches are responsible for billions in damages throughout the world. They destroy large food stores with their feces and saliva and can cause dangerous diseases and respiratory issues when young cockroaches moult. This moulting carapace breaks up into tiny particles of the carapace that is coated in disease. If inhaled the moult can actually cause respiratory issues or worse, a lung infection. For this reason, cockroaches are treated as one of the most dangerous pests in North America and everyone from the domestic to the commercial is struggling to make better and better ways to kill them.


Heath Dangers

Some examples of the severe health threats you can get from a cockroach infestation in your home or in a restaurant you have eaten at are extensive. This is because they feed both on human food and human feces and can carry this and their own saliva and feces onto human food. If someone eats this food they can suffer from illnesses like – diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, leprosy, plague, typhoid fever, viral diseases such as poliomyelitis.


Common Species

Cockroaches come in many different species, the most common are listed below. If you recognize one that you have seen in your home research it as much as you can, that will help you find them and exterminate them and also how virulent they can be based on their reproduction.


• Periplaneta americana, the American cockroach is native to the continents of America, but like most cockroaches have found their way onto boats and now exist in almost every country in the world. It is about 35–40mm in length and is shiny and reddish to dark brown in colour. The egg case measures 8–10mm and contains 16 eggs.


• Blatta orientalis, the Oriental cockroach is found mostly in Asia in colder temperatures. Not winter-like, but also very far from tropical. It is black or dark brown in colour and has a more beetle-like appearance, they are about 20–27mm long. The egg case is 10–12mm long and contains 16–18 eggs.


• Supella longipalpa, the brown-banded cockroach can be found almost anywhere in the world and may represent the first species of cockroach to have evolved all those 320 million years ago. It is 10–14mm long and has yellow and brown bands. The egg case is 4–5mm in length and contains around 16 eggs.


• Blattella germanica, the German cockroach travelled far and wide on ships both for delivery and for war. They can be found just about anywhere in the world. It tends to be light yellowish-brown and 10–15mm in length, Which means it is one of the smallest cockroaches to infest houses. The female cockroach will carry the case with her for protection and will continue to carry it until the youth are born, this is different from other species. The egg case is light in colour, about 7–9mm long and contains about 40 eggs. The most out of any cockroach Ootheca.


How Do They Get In

Cockroaches are skilled infiltrators, if we could communicate with them they would be our most skilled intelligence gathers. However we cannot communicate with them and they use their skills to invade our homes, and not our enemies. This can occur through a plethora of methods. The cockroach can be carried into your home by your child who was just at school. Your friend may have cockroaches she doesn’t know about and came over for a breakfast and low and behold you now have roaches in your kitchen. They can enter through drain pipes and weep vents, cracks in the foundation and under garage doors. They can smell food for miles and will travel through a sewer just to get into your kitchen. If you leave dirty dishes in the sink you can expect them to show up very soon. The worst part of their infestation is they do not always enter a messy house. Messy houses attract them but they will enter any house where they smell food, especially if it’s still cooking. Your home could be spotless and still, you could have an infestation.


Can They Follow You To a New House

Cockroaches will not follow you to a new house, at least not via ambulation. They will hitch a ride with you, hiding in furniture, bags and large and small appliances. It is very difficult to move without bringing the cockroaches with you which why most professionals recommend having the treatment done before you move so that you can know that you will not bring cockroaches into your next home. You can try dealing with them in two different ways. The Commercial method and the Domestic Method. Both can be effective when used correctly. The Commercial Method is faster and more potent and will kill all the cockroaches in the house on the first spray. However, it is very toxic and you will need to vacate the home. There is also a great deal of preparation to be done. Domestic treatments are safe for you and your family but nowhere near as effective. They take much longer to deal with an infestation but can be effective if used consistently and in areas where cockroaches are hiding. The issue with domestic treatments is not the chemicals or processes, but the experience needed to find where the cockroaches are hiding and to know where and what to treat. Without this knowledge, you could spend years baiting and never kill a single cockroach.


How To Prevent Them From Following You

There is no way to move without bringing them with you. You will need to treat the situation before you can take anything with you. Domestic treatments and sprays can be very effective. Treating any large or small appliances before they are moved will prevent the cockroaches from staying inside the appliance. Diatomaceous earth, silica dust, gel bait and any other home remedy should be used if no commercial methods are engaged. Remember, finding the infestation is as much a part of exterminating it as the products you will be using.


Commercial Extermination

 If you are in a rush and want the cockroaches gone, today, so you can move into your beautiful new home without having to worry about bringing cockroaches with you is to call a professional and licensed exterminator like The Exterminators Inc. who can use every product and application method he has access to in order to vanquish your infestation. This is the most effective method of ensuring you do not bring cockroaches to your new home.