Is it Possible to Get Cockroaches In The Office Kitchen

Is it Possible to Get Cockroaches In The Office Kitchen?

Residential spaces and commercial spaces are very different. Pest control companies are very aware of these differences but laymen may not realize the causes of some infestations in places that seem out of place, like the tenth floor of an office kitchen while the rest of the building has no signs of any cockroach infestation. How is that possible? There are ways to prevent cockroaches from entering your kitchen by knowing how to keep cockroaches out of cupboards.  Don’t they have to come into the building somehow? In the old days, back in the 1800s, it was truly believed that Black Flies, the kind who lay eggs in rotting meat, where demonic creatures that did not breed but were literally born from the raw meat. Mainly because the grub form of a black fly is maggots and people in those times did not realize that maggots are baby black flies. This continues in the modern-day as many people will wonder how they got cockroaches from that microwave over they picked up off the street or how their friend’s house had cockroaches and now suddenly so do you.  

If you do have cockroaches in the office, it is important that you notify the higher-ups to have this issue dealt with as cockroach infestation can be damaging to the health of your colleagues. Contact Cockroach Control Toronto for effective and thorough eradication.

Well, it is more simple than you would think. Cockroaches in an office kitchen even 40 floors up can still get cockroaches because cockroaches can travel through drain pipes. They will enter the sewer and smell food down a pipe. What is this smell caused by? People who don’t wash their plates after eating. Yes, that is correct. The person in the company who leaves their dirty plate in the office kitchen sink for two days is the reason the kitchen has cockroaches. They could smell the food in the sink through the drain pipe all the way into the sewer and now they are crawling all over your food, leaving feces and bacteria everywhere. 


Now while it is very annoying there is no reason to fire the person or to take drastic measures. The cockroaches already in the kitchen can be killed off using any number of domestic products including soap like boric acid. What is most important is sealing off the drain at a lower point, you will need to hire a plumber for this, and inserting an insect filter, its a strong steel mesh in a circle that can be inserted into a pipe to block access from cockroach, other water-loving insects, and even rats. 


If you find the cockroach issue to be too severe you can also call in a professional exterminator like pest control company The Exterminators Inc. who is licensed to use powerful pesticides to resolve to sever cockroach infestations. This will require the entire office to vacate the premises for a total of five hours but that is worth not having cockroaches in the kitchen.