How to Get Rid of the Cockroaches that are Living in My Fridge?

How to Get Rid of the Cockroaches that are Living in My Fridge?

Most cockroaches that can be found in the home come from sub-tropical and tropical areas. Due to these, they are attracted to warm areas and components in the house such as motor compartments in your refrigerator. Cockroaches are also attracted to dark, humid areas that have grime and clutter although they are known to attack sanitary areas as well. Cockroaches will feed on a variety of materials when they get access to your home. They will eat sweets, meat, bookbinding, leather, and even wallpaper paste. They have a habit of contaminating food with their saliva and excrements. Once they infest an area, they will leave a nasty scent and carry diseases and egg casing. But, what do cockroach eggs look like? Cockroach egg cases are dark brown in colour and average 8mm in length. There are several methods that you can use to get rid of cockroaches in your refrigerator.

Step 1 – Inspect

The first thing you need to do is first inspect your fridge to find out if indeed you have cockroaches living within. Check their characteristics to identify what kind of cockroach you are facing. Properly identifying the cockroaches in your refrigerator will significantly help you use their behavioural patterns to remove them. It is a good idea to call cockroach control Toronto professional to help you determine the species.

Step 2 – Clean

Clean the areas behind and between your refrigerator regularly to prevent food from pilling up. Check for egg cases that might be attached to the surface of your refrigerator motor, remove and destroy them immediately. Also, ensure that you empty the pan that collects condensed water at the bottom of your refrigerator. If you keep a garbage bin in your kitchen ensure it has a tight-fitting lid. Make sure you also take out the trash regularly. It’s very important that you keep cardboard, paper, and debris away from your refrigerator since cockroaches like hiding in them.

Step 3 – Seal

In case you have cracks measuring more than 1/8 of an inch or larger in your foundation or exterior walls, ensure that they are sealed off. Use caulk or foam spray around any openings that you identify around the electrical outlets of your refrigerator.

Step 4 – Apply

At this point, you can apply an even layer of insecticidal dust around and under your refrigerator. This dust has the capability of entering the crevices and works well in reaching cockroaches that are hiding inside your refrigerator. Insecticidal dust usually has boric acid that will stick on the cockroach’s body and eventually gets ingested when they are back in their nest grooming. Eventually, it will kill them significantly reducing their population.

Step 5 – Baits

You could also place cockroach baits or traps in areas where cockroaches are known to frequent. This will be based on the habit, observation, and preferences of the particular cockroach in your homes. Some traps have sticky surfaces that immobilize the cockroaches once they get on it. You could check the traps regularly to track its progress. When you are satisfied that you have successfully gotten rid of the roaches, you can get rid of the trap by securing it in a closed plastic bag and disposing of it.

While these DIY methods are proven to work, but it is always better to call for a professional and effective job, contact your local pest control service. They will be in a better position to track the cockroach nest and eliminate them for good. Call The Exterminators inc. and our pest control Toronto experts can help you deal with your cockroach problem in a fast and affordable way: 647-496-2211