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Do ultrasonic pest control devices work to eliminate cockroaches?

If you have had the chance to read the packaging of an ultrasonic insect repellent, then you know these devices supposedly work. In theory, they emit sound in a frequency that the human ear is unable to hear, but pests can. These frequencies are normally set at a frequency in a level that drives cockroaches and other pets crazy some people use essential oils and bay leaves. But, do bay leaves repel roaches? While some online resources are pretty skeptical about its full effectiveness, it remains a natural alternative to the formulations used.

Do Ultrasonic cockroach repellents work?

So, can these sounds control pests? Well, cockroach behaviour can be affected by certain ultrasonic sounds when administered in very specific ways. However, this technology is still not commercially available.

It is possible that some ultrasonic repellents have some short time minor impacts on some pets, but they do not effectively control them. According to a study that was conducted back in 1995 by the United States Department of Agriculture and the National Wildlife Control Center, the effects of Ultrasonic sound repellents often wear off after a couple of days of administration. Ultimately, the cockroaches will get used to the sound.

Another study that was conducted in 2015 by the University of Arizona found out that despite the increasing number of patents for ultrasonic pest repellents, the commercially available pest repellents were not an effective means of getting rid of cockroaches and other pests. These devices claim that, as a result of the emitted frequency, the cockroaches are forced to flee and take cover. However the professional cockroach exterminator Toronto is not recommended the usage of these devices.

Consumer reports advise homeowners against purchasing cockroach ultrasonic repellents. It states that in 2016, the New York Attorney General’s Office sent a cease letter to two different manufacturers of these products. The United States Federal Trade Commission has also sent a warning to consumers against using ultrasonic pest control devices for eliminating pests since scientists still don’t have concrete evidence that is required to back up the effectiveness of these devices.

If you dig a little deeper, you will notice that the studies supporting ultrasonic devices have mixed results. All in all, some ultrasonic devices will only show results with certain pests, which questions its effectiveness. It is important to note that these products are not a quick fix to your cockroach problems since none of them have claimed 100% effectiveness on any pest. It’s therefore important that they are kept in perspective as a possible contributor to an overall pest management system but not a miracle worker.

What can you do to solve your cockroach problem?

Well, DIY pest control is typically ineffective, it doesn’t matter if termites are driving you crazy or your kitchen has been taken over by a colony of cockroaches. In case you realize that you have a cockroach problem, your best bet is to contact your local pest control professional to help you solve your issue.

A trained professional will be able to conduct an extensive inspection of your home to identify the source of your cockroach problem. Afterward, they will work out and customize an effective treatment plan that will best suit your home.

It would be good if you could be able to plug in an electric device and have all the pests in your home driven out without the use of chemicals. But until that is achieved, you are better off seeking the help of professional pest control Toronto. The least you could do is keep your kitchen and surfaces clean so that cockroaches are not attracted to your home.