How to Prevent Cockroaches from Getting to Your Bed

How to Prevent Cockroaches from Getting to Your Bed

Having a cockroach infestation in your bedroom is not only disgusting but also a health hazard. When cockroaches get into your bedroom,they will soon venture and get into your bed. Cockroaches are known to transfer germs, diseases, and bacteria that at very least have the potential of causing food poisoning. When the roaches get access into your room, it can be a very tough task to get them out. The best possible way to prevent cockroaches from getting into your bedroom is to prevent them from getting into your house. Apart from the normal baits and chemicals, there are someways of preventing cockroaches from getting into your bed.

Step 1

Ensure that your bedroom is tidy and clutter free. In case there are any food particles from snacks you ate in your bedroom, clean them out. Also get rid of cardboard or paper, cockroaches love hiding in them. If you have piles of clothes and towels on the floor, ensure they are organized and stored in a hamper basket.

Step 2

Limit the access theyhave to hidespots. Make sure that the windows you have in your home are weathersealed. Any cracks that might be in your windows will allow roaches to get inside, also ensure that you have sealed any breaks that you see. You could check for cracks along baseboards or in your walls. Patch any cracks or holes with proper glue or plaster material.

Step 3

When using baits and insecticides, make sure that they are pet and human safe. There are several different numbers of pesticides and safe traps that can be boughtat stores. You can consult your exterminator to find the best recommendations for this particular situation. Place the repellents under your bed, in your closet and dresser.

Step 4

You could use a catnip. According to a study that was conductedat the Iowa state university, the chemical nepetalactone found in catnip deters cockroaches. You can make a repellent by simmering a small amount of the catnip in water. When it cools down, pour the solution into a spray bottle and use it to spray areas in your room with cockroach activity including doorways, baseboards in our bedroom. You could also spray small amounts under your bed, in your closet and any shelves.

Step 5

You could also use diatomaceous earth. Thisis human and pet safe dust that is known to damage the roaches body causing its to die. You can sprinkle a little dust along the baseboards of your closet, on top of shelving, under your bed and on bookcases.

Signs of cockroaches in your bed could signify a bigger problem. They could point out to the possibility of a cockroach infestation. Itis therefore important to contact your local pest control service and have them perform an inspection of your home. If you have cockroaches in your bedroom,there is a big chance you have them in other living spaces as well. After the initial inspection, our professional cockroach control expert will be able to determine the best method to get rid of the cockroaches for good. Call us now: 647-496-2211.

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