Do Carpenter Ants Set Satellite Colonies?

Do Carpenter Ants Set Satellite Colonies?

Carpenter ants generally don’t start their primary colony in a home, they start them outside on the property usually in a piece of rotten wood like a pile of firewood or an old stump or things of that nature.

They penetrate your home with a satellite colony after their primary colony has matured. They do this to search for new locations that new queens can occupy that is close to food and water so the new queen can populate the new colony with workers. Damp environments are the ultimate environment for carpenter ants to thrive in and might speed up the process and you can even find ants in mulch.

A sign that your house has satellite colonies forming is the presence of winged ants. These ants are mature and ready to mate and will dramatically increase the ant population in your home. 

To limit the infestation you can find the source outside, get rid of all rotting wood and stumps and you will find the population will reduce but if you want to maximize the process you can clean your home thoroughly and remove all signs of food, seal food in your kitchen to make sure they can’t access it and seal leaks in pipes and faucets. This process will help stop the colony from growing as you have taken away their food and water supply. It is best to contact professional carpenter ant exterminator in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home ant-free as soon as possible! 

If you are really worried then you can call the professionals at the exterminators. Our technicians are well versed in ant infestation and can easily resolve the issue in just a few weeks. With hospital and commercial grade insecticides and tools that can access places of deep harborage we can get rid of your ant issue like it was never there. We can also sterilize and deodorize the area to make sure the biohazard material like ant feces is removed from your home. 

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