Cockroach Traps - Do They Really Work

Cockroach Traps – Do They Really Work?

In this day and age, everyone is all about the DIY approach. Not that there is anything wrong with behind independent and taking the DIY route, but there are times when it is not recommended. If you happen to have a cockroach infestation in your home, you have likely scoured the internet for a DIY solution to your problem. Some people use essential oils or bay leaves to repel cockroaches. Can cockroaches survive washing machine? Fortunatly, cockroaches can’t survive in washing machine and you can you it to disinfect your clothes when dealing with cockorach infestation.

Unfortunately, many of the traps suggested online do little to nothing to help. Learning what some of the most popular cockroach traps are and if they really work can help you figure out the best solution for cockroach control Toronto.

Sticky Cockroach Traps

Sticky traps, also often referred to as cockroach motels, are often a popular store-bought or DIY solution to a cockroach infestation. The trap is made from cardboard shaped into a box with an opening on both ends. The cockroach enters the motel and you then find it later on stuck to the glue-like substance inside. However, you should consider professional cockroach exterminator services to completely eredicate infestation.

Problem solved, right? Wrong. Just because you manage to trap a few cockroaches in the trap does not mean it is effective. It does not rid your home of the remaining cockroach population. Simply trapping a couple of cockroaches in a sticky cockroach trap does not even put a dent in the issue. For every cockroach you see, it is said that there are at least dozens more that remain unseen. Therefore, you are not solving your cockroach infestation issue.

Cucumber Cockroach Traps

Another popular suggestion is the cucumber cockroach trap. This takes the DIY approach to a whole new level. The suggestions are that you lay cucumber rinds in a tin can. It is believed that the smell of tin combined with the smell of cucumber rinds produces an unpleasant odour that acts as a repellent. It is also said that the smell is strong enough to kill cockroaches in your home.

That sounds great and all, but the experts say, “No way!” First, there is no proof that the smell is unpleasant to cockroaches. Also, feeding a population of cockroaches is the exact opposite of what you should do if you are trying to get rid of them. Therefore, the cucumber cockroach trap might be the worst DIY trap out there. If anything, it will encourage cockroaches to feed and remain in your home.

Traps that Do Work

The only trap that is likely guaranteed to work would be one that an exterminator would use. Exterminators have various methods they use to rid cockroaches from your home. They can create traps using professional-grade baits. The baits lure the cockroaches. Once consumed, the cockroaches carry the bait back to the nest, which kills off the entire population rather than just a few.

When you have a cockroach infestation, you want to tackle the entire colony rather than a few stragglers. Make sure you contact a professional exterminator near you for assistance with your cockroach problem. Always remember, a cockroach-free home is a happy, healthy home to live in. Call The Exterminators: 647-496-2211