Can Cockroaches Survive the Dryer?

No place in Canada is off-limits for a cockroach infestation. If you don’t keep tidy and leave food crumbs lying all over your counters, then cockroaches should be the least of your worries. Can cockroaches survive in your dryer? Well, cockroaches are known to survive through all kinds of conditions including radiation levels that could kill humans in a matter of minutes. But luckily for you, cockroaches cannot survive in a dryer. If they are submerged in water for more than 7 minutes and exposed to heat levels of more than 140 degrees, they will surely die. If you need proper extermination please call us for cockroach exterminator Toronto services.

That doesn’t mean that your dryer is off-limits to cockroaches. Cockroaches are known to love warmth, and that is why you will find them hiding and nesting in your electrical appliances including your microwave and refrigerator. While cockroaches will face imminent death when they get into your dryer with clothes, they will thrive if they get access to the insides of your dryer’s components. Your dryer has a motor that produces some heat when it rotates drying your clothes, cockroaches love this kind of heat, and if they can find a crack and sneak into your dryer, they will immediately take up residence.

If your dryer has leakage in its plumbing, it could also attract cockroaches to its insides. Just like warmth, cockroaches need water and food to survive, and since your dryer is offering two, it makes up for a convenient place to live.

How to get rid of cockroaches in your dryer

Cockroach hiding in shower towel
Cockroach hiding in shower towel
  • Using baits- In case you have seen some cockroach activity in your house and specifically close to your dryer, you could set up these traps close to where they are active. Once they consume the bait, they will carry the poison back into your dryer where they will infect the rest of the cockroaches inside.
  • Service your dryer- if your dryer has leaks and cracks revealing its internal components, it might be a good idea to take it to your dealer for service. If it is old, you might need to invest in a new dryer that doesn’t bring a cockroach problem with it. Repairing leaks and treating the dryer with chemicals will get rid of your cockroach problem. If you notice any cracks or crevices that the cockroaches use to get into your dryer; make sure that they are sealed with caulk and its screws tightly fit.
  • Contact a pest control service – While it might be pricey getting a consultant who is experienced with dealing with cockroaches, it will go a long way in getting rid of your roach problem. A pest removal professional will not only be able to identify if you have cockroaches in your dryer but will also help you get rid of them entirely.
  • Keep your home tidy and clutter-free – if your dryer is placed in a separate room ensure this specific room is always tidy and regularly cleaned. It’s also advisable that you avoid dumping dirty clothes in heaps around the dryer since it could attract cockroaches offering them a safe place to hide.

Do cockroaches hide in clothes?

Cockroaches do not normally hide in any articles of clothes unless the situation is extremely severe. In that case, cockroaches will basically use the clothes as a temporary shelter when they know that a human or animal is approaching. If you are talking about other bugs hiding in clothes then it is mostly bed bugs that will hide in clothes since the environment is more suited for bed bugs than for cockroaches. Cockroaches prefer dark and moisture which the kitchen offers. If you do see cockroaches, it will most likely be in luggage. It may seem like an odd spot, but in extreme cases, cockroaches will go anywhere and everywhere to seek shelter. In these cases, it is better to find a reputable pest control technician that will evaluate the situation and take the necessary actions to make sure the cockroaches stay away, and for good.

Does dryer heat kill roaches?

Cockroach on the fabric

Yes, cockroaches will die in a dryer when exposed to high temperatures for a long time. Cockroaches as strange as it may seem do have limits when it comes to heat. When you are dealing with a severe infestation it is not recommended to take them on yourselves. If you do find cockroaches in your clothes then make sure to separate the untouched clothes from the infested ones and bring them to a laundromat to make sure that any live cockroach does not have the chance to reinfest your home. Double bag your clothes and bring them to the laundromat and put on high heat. It will be a good idea to check for instructions as to not damage the clothes. Sprays have minimal effect on cockroaches and can even build up a resistance to them over time, so it is advised to contact a professional pest control technician to take care of the situation quickly.

What temperature kills roaches

Cockroaches cannot survive a temperature of more than 140 degrees celsius. This does not mean that cockroaches will not be seen at all near dyers. Cockroaches are insects that love heat and for this reason, will regularly go underneath electrical appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, toasters, and are even known to go inside of electrical outlets. To make sure that all cockroach presence is eradicated, it is best to call a professional cockroach control service. Cockroaches, as most of us already have noticed are stubborn creatures and are hard to get rid of by ourselves, it is for this reason that professional intervention is needed.

In case you notice cockroaches in or around your dryer its important that you call in a pest control professional to check it out. They will be able to advise you on the best cause of action to take to get rid of your cockroach problem. Remember, cockroaches pose a serious health risk to humans, having them close to your clothes or property could expose you to adverse health-related problems that include, dysentery leading to severe diarrhea, and worsen respiratory issues in some people. Call us for pest control Toronto services for quick and affordable solutions.

Article Updated: November 17, 2020