Bed Bugs, nymphs, eggs and shed skins.

How Bed Bug Larvae Looks and Where to Find Them

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Bed bugs, like any other pest, go through stages of growth. Identifying bed bug larvae and knowing where to look for them can assist you in determining if you have a bed bug problem. Early detection is the key to ridding your home of bed bugs as soon as possible by a professional bed bug exterminator Toronto.

What Do They Look Like?

Nymphs, or bed bug larvae, are bed bugs that have not fully matured. They look just like a bed bug, only smaller and bright red in color. They look like a tiny seed and have a flat body, just like adult bed bugs. Each time the nymph eats, it grows roughly a half millimeter in size. The nymph may appear even redder than usual after it is done eating because the body fills with blood.

Nymph Skins and Egg Casings

As they grow, a nymph will continually shed its skin. You may often find the casing of its skin in the crevices of your mattress. The skins appear yellowish in color. It takes roughly a week for the nymph to transition through growth periods. You should also look for larvae egg casings, which are very small and white in color.

It is often difficult to spot live adult bed bugs. Therefore, knowing how to identify larvae is the best way to confirm a bed bug infestation. The larvae are easier to find, as is the signs that they are living in your bed. A nymph will molt roughly five times. Therefore, if you have a heavy infestation, you will find plenty of skins and casings in the crevices of your mattress.

Where to Look

Of course, your bed is the best place to look for bed bug larvae. That is most commonly where you will find them. However, bed bugs may also lay their larvae in between couch cushions, in your carpet, in the folds of your curtains, and in the crevices and joints of your dresser drawers. Make sure you search all of these areas when searching for nymphs.

The reason why your bed is such a hot spot from nymphs is the fact that they will need a food source once they hatch. The female bed bug realizes that you are the best source of food. Therefore, the female will more than likely lay her eggs in your mattress, since that is where you sleep. If you sleep on a couch, then your couch is the likely target.

Make sure you take the time to reach out to a professional exterminator if you see any signs of an infestation. Call the Exterminators 647-496-2211, we offer professional help. The second you spot any larvae, call a professional immediately before things go haywire. In addition, our online store offers bed bug related products such as mattress covers and bed bug monitors.

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