Why Bed Bugs Are A Big Problem in Toronto

In recent years, bed bugs have become a massive issue throughout all of Toronto. The problem is so out of hand that the bugs continue to plague homes and businesses despite multiple efforts to control them. Some bed bug control companies have urged home and business owners to throw away furniture and start fresh if possible to put an end to the problem. The question is, why are bed bugs so bad throughout Toronto?

Found in Businesses

It is unclear what the exact cause of the sensational problem is, but one Toronto police station reported beg bugs brought in by a prisoner. The building quickly became infested and has since been an ongoing issue. Unfortunately, the outbreak is not affecting just one police station. Several other businesses have also filed complaints.

Fire stations, office buildings, and even hotels have also complained about a bed bug outbreak throughout the city. They are often brought in by other people who carry bed bugs with them. For instance, visitors to a hotel may bring them in. If a firefighter enters a home with bed bugs, they may bring them into the fire station. An office worker with a bed bug problem can carry the bugs into the office space, and so the problem continues to grow.

Found in Homes

For many individuals, their lives are now similar to a nightmare. Bed bugs have taken over homes and apartments throughout all of Toronto. These nasty little bugs live within your mattresses, pillows, and bedding. Simply washing your pillows, pillowcases, sheets, and other bedding is not enough. Even on the hottest setting, a run through the washing machine and dryer is not enough to kill these problematic insects.

It does not take much for a small infestation to explode into a massive bed bug population. Unfortunately, as the population continues to grow, the likelihood of the bugs spreading to new locations increases. In normal situations, you should vacuum, keep your bedding clean or replace it, and baseboards cleaned thoroughly. Also, in normal situations an exterminator can handle the situation rather quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, the bed bug issue in Toronto is beyond normal capacity. They are so out of hand that normal methods of control and elimination are not working. Therefore, it is recommended that you rid your home of furnishings infested with bed bugs. Look into replacing your furniture if you can. If you find that your infestation issue is not a large one, you might be able to salvage your belongings without throwing them away.

Call a professional exterminator to find out what your best method of defense is against bed bugs. If the exterminator says that you have an out-of-control bed bug population, you may have to consider getting rid of at least some of your furniture. Make sure you stay on top of daily cleaning to help decrease the bed bug population and follow up with routine treatments by a professional exterminator. If you would like a professional exterminator to verify bed bug activity please call 647-496-2211. We also feature a variety of bed bug related products such as mattress covers and bed bug monitors.