Case Studies

Pest control case studies. Examples of how The Exterminators Inc. solve pest control problems using Integrated Pest Management. We don’t just bait, spray and run. We actually solve problems once and for all.

Wildlife Removal in Bedford Park

Case Study: Mice, Rat Control and Wildlife Removal in Bedford Park

Old Toronto is a highly coveted area in terms of real estate. Homes in long-established neighbourhoods, such as Bedford Park, present an opportunity to live comfortably near the downtown core. These areas, however, are often infested with pests and wildlife. The following article describes a full-service wildlife removal job in Bedford Park. The infestation involved…

Corso Italia Entry Point Sealed

Case Study: Corso Italia Rat Extermination & Exclusion

This article will analyze and recount a Corso Italia Rat Extermination in Toronto. The infestation had been ongoing our team was called in after several other pest control companies had failed to put an end to the rat problem. For years, rats were present throughout this home and in the yard. The homeowners had hired…

Galvanized-Steel Mesh-Installation

Case Study: South Riverdale Rat Control and Exclusion

This article will analyze and recount an extensive rat rat problem our team had to deal with. The extermination case required multiple visits as rats had burrowed underground and under the foundation. The case study¬† details the steps we took to bring this rat pest control problem under control. It also details how the exclusion…

North Riverdale Comprehensive Rat Control Treatment

Case Study: North Riverdale Rats in the Basement Wall

The following article tells the story of a persistent rat infestation in Riverdale that required multiple visits to solve. This will recount the investigative process and pest control solution carried out by The Exterminators team. The owners of this Riverdale property reached out to The Exterminators when they heard scratching noises coming from an exterior…

thermal scan picking up rat activity-v2

Case Study: Leslieville Rat Extermination and Exclusion

This article will analyze and recount a rat infestation case that required multiple visits and will detail the steps in the exclusion process that technicians took to eradicate the rat presence completely and successfully in a residential property in Leslieville, Toronto. We do not only treat the problem but also spend the time to find…