Case Study Interior Carpenter Ant Extermination in East York

Case Study: Interior Carpenter Ant Extermination in East York

This case study recounts a carpenter ant extermination in East York, Toronto. Members of The Exterminators team performed a thorough inspection and extermination, using baits and sprays to eliminate the pests entirely. If there are ants on your property and you need help, please reach out to The Exterminators.

East York, Toronto

The former Borough of East York, located in the east end, was amalgamated into the City of Toronto in 1998. It is bordered by Scarborough to the east, North York to the north, Bayview Avenue to the west, and Danforth Avenue, roughly, to the south.

Stan Wadlow Park East York
Stan Wadlow Park in East York.

Rapid gentrification has seen residential neighbourhoods go from single dwelling bungalows to two-storey homes. Many shops and restaurants in the area are now considered upscale. But despite the upgrades, this area continues to house carpenter ants and other pests. Where there is wood, there are carpenter ants.


Our customer called us after observing ants on the main floor of their home. Concerned that these may be carpenter ants, we were asked to inspect and advise on a treatment solution. We dispatched on of our licensed exterminator to investigate the problem further.

Our inspection consists of first, identifying the ant species and second, note the extent of the infestation. In this case we were able to confirm that the ants were indeed carpenter ants. There were visible signs of activity on the first floor of the home as well as on the roof of the rear of the house.

Hole in Roof Carpenter Ant Entry Point
A hole on the corner of a flat roof in the rear of the house was identified as the entry point for the carpenter ants.

The technician determined that these ants were entering the home from the damaged corner of the flat roof.

Carpenter ants, once a nest is established, will forage through nearby areas in search of food and resources to provide to the queen and young ants. They will usually form a trail by releasing pheromones that other ants can follow to and from the nest.


Our technician began the treatment of the infestation by spraying a commercial-grade insecticide with special residual attributes. The highly effective insecticide adheres to most surfaces and can stay active for up to 90 days. When ants come in contact with it, the poison will slowly kill them. In some cases the ants will be able to carry the poison back to the nest and will transmit the poison to any ants it may come in contact with, speeding up the process.

This spray insecticide is applied to the main areas of activity as well as to perimeter areas of the home. These usually include door and window frames and baseboards. Outside the home, it is applied around the entire foundation of the house thus creating a barrier that prevents ants from re-entering at ground level.

On the roof, our technician used a special aerosol spray to flush the ants out of the hole. This is done to determine the level of activity in under the roof. Once the activity was confirmed, our technician proceeded to spray the same insecticide in the hole and surrounding areas. This will ensure that any ants travelling through this entrance will be exterminated.

We advised the homeowner that once the ant activity subsided, they should repair and seal the hole on the roof.

Carpenter Ant Bait Stations
Part of our carpenter ant treatment is to place bait stations filled with an attractive granular bait.

As added protection to the home, we placed a few bait stations inside the home. These stations were filled with an attractive granular bait that is designed to be carried by the ants back to the nest and feed to other ants, including the queen.


Carpenter ants are often a nothing more than a nuisance once they breach into a home, but in more severe infestations they can be dangerous and destructive. Known to make their nests inside wooden structures, carpenter ants may start to dig through joists, studs, beams, or any other wooden element of a house to create nesting crevices. In extreme cases they can cause expensive structural damage. It is imperative that carpenter ants stay under control in and around any home as to prevent this damage from happening.

Our licensed technicians are trained to identify the extent of any ant infestation and how to treat it so that the homeowner has the peace of mind that no further damage will occur.

All of our extermination work is back with a 6-month warranty. Should ants return to the property during that time, we will preform any further required treatment to keep the pests out.