Will Bleach Kill Bed Bugs

Will Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?

You may have heard that bed bugs are difficult to get rid of. They’re nocturnal, they’re great at hiding, and they won’t give up! Bed bugs are known to develop resistances to pesticides, and they breed fast enough to become a big problem within just a few months. So, do you have to hire an exterminator? Or will household products do the trick? For any bed bug concerns you may have, contact bed bug remover Toronto – we’d be happy to help.

Bed bugs are little brown insects with beetle-like appearances. These bugs measure about half a centimetre in length and look very flat. This flat physique enables them to hide very effectively within the cracks and crevices of bedroom furniture. Bed bugs feed solely on the blood of humans, mammals, and birds. The average bed bug feeds every 5 to 10 days, coming out of its hiding spot at night to feed while its victim sleeps. Bed bugs often go unnoticed for some time because their bites release a numbing chemical into their victims’ skins.

Bleach can be used to treat for bed bugs, but it must be sprayed directly on the insects to eliminate them. This is not very effective because bed bugs hide very well; you would have to find every single bug and reach it properly with bleach. You also risk harming yourself by inhaling the fumes. Too much exposure to bleach can cause difficulty breathing, blurry vision, nausea, and skin irritation. Bleach also risks damaging your fabrics and furniture by staining their original colours. As such, it is not recommended that you use bleach to treat a bed bug infestation.

The most reliable way to get rid of bed bugs is to hire a professional. A licensed pest removal technician will apply safe and effective insecticides that work even long after they are applied to reach every single bug. You can also have your mattress steam cleaned in combination with the pesticides for a more effective treatment. This will eliminate the bed bugs at every stage of the lifecycle. What you can do to help involves covering your mattress with a bug-proof encasing and washing all your clothes at the highest allowable temperature. Be sure to check your luggage carefully when coming home from any trip.

Bleach has several uses around the house as a disinfecting agent, but it should not be used for pest control. It is neither safe nor effective enough to properly eliminate an infestation. Beg bugs require a professional, comprehensive approach. Our crew members at The Exterminators  are experienced in bed bug removal and only use the most effective tools of the trade. Contact Toronto Pest Control for all your pest concerns: 647-496-2211.