Does Lysol Kill Bed Bugs

Does Lysol Kill Bed Bugs?

Lysol is a very common household product that is used to clean and disinfect surfaces throughout the home. Given that it is so handy, wouldn’t it be great if it could also be used to treat for bed bugs? Lysol alone is unfortunately not enough. The product would have to be sprayed directly onto the insects to harm them and they hide so well. For quality pest removal that you can count on, call bed bug control Toronto instead.

Due to globalization, bed bugs have become increasingly common all around the world. These insects have been a bother to human beings for thousands of years, but they have only recently become a bigger problem now that people travel so frequently. Bed bugs are commonly picked up in hotels where they cling to people’s luggage and follow them home. Once inside, they hide in the furniture of the bedroom and only come out night, about once a week, to feed. Bed bugs only consume blood. If you think there are bed bugs in your home, you need to act fast – female bed bugs produce hundreds of offspring within only a few months.

Lysol can kill bed bugs when sprayed directly on the insects. The chemicals within the product would irritate the bed bugs and cause them to suffocate. Lysol can also kill eggs, but they must also be doused in spray for it to work. The problem with this method of pest control is that each bug and every egg would have to be accounted for. Bed bugs are great at hiding and they might not be reached with spray alone. You may also have to use so much Lysol that it could be harmful for your health. As such, it is not recommended that you use Lysol to treat a bed bug infestation.

Hiring a pest control technician is the most reliable way to get rid of bed bugs. Professionals use safe, top of the line insecticides that reach every single bug, even after they are sprayed. Commercial-grade insecticides have residual properties, poisoning any bed bugs that walk on any sprayed surfaces after the treatment. This means that any egg that survives the initial treatment will hatch and become poisoned as well. Professionals can also apply a steam treatment to your mattress to instantly remove bed bugs at any stage of the lifecycle. What you can do to help is invest in a bed bug-proof protective casing for your mattress and wash all your clothes in hot water.

Lysol is a great product, but it cannot cure everything. Bed bugs are stubborn insects that require a professional approach. The team at The Exterminators would be happy to help you with your bed bug problem. We use a combination of quality insecticides and thorough steam treatments to get rid of the bugs fast and keep them away. Call Toronto Pest Control today and ask us about our warranties: 647-496-2211.