Does Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs Effectively

Does Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs Effectively?

Rubbing alcohol has many uses around the house. It kills germs, removes odours, and cleans all kinds of things. It can also be used to remove bed bugs, but it is not as reliable as professional pest removal services. Bed bugs are masters of hide and seek so it is difficult to reach them only with alcohol. For safe and reliable pest removal, call bed bug control Toronto.

Bed bugs are tiny little insects that feed on human blood. These little critters are globe-trotting vampires, moving from one place to the next by clinging to our clothing, furniture, and luggage. Bed bugs are commonly found in mattress seams, bed frames, box springs, night tables, picture frames, floorboards, and power outlets. As nocturnal animals, bed bugs usually only come out at night to feed. They have brown, flat, oval-shaped bodies that resemble apple seeds. Bed bugs are notoriously tough to get rid of as they continuously develop resistances to pesticides and hide very well.

Rubbing alcohol can kill bed bugs and their eggs. It works by dissolving the insects’ outer shells and drying out their insides. The problem with alcohol however is that it is inefficient; alcohol will only work when sprayed directly on the bed bugs. Any alcohol you spray indirectly will evaporate and won’t work on the bugs later. Bed bugs are also great at hiding, so you may not be able to reach every single bug yourself. You are likely to need products with residual effects that are guaranteed to eliminate any bed bugs you missed during the spray treatment.

If you want to use rubbing alcohol to treat for bed bugs, start by cleaning the affected area thoroughly. Vacuum the entire room from top to bottom and wash all clothing and fabrics in hot water. Pull the bed away from the wall and vacuum the mattress. Vacuum the bed frame and box spring, then throw out the contents of the vacuum as soon as you’re done. Spray the mattress, bed, and surrounding area with rubbing alcohol, then cover the mattress in a protective, bed bug-proof casing. Then, powder the bed frame and any potential bed bug hiding spots with diatomaceous earth. This product is completely natural and will work the same way alcohol does, only it will last much longer.

Tackling bed bugs yourself is a lot of hard work and it only takes a bug or two to survive for the problem to persist. Most cases require professional intervention. A licensed pest removal technician will have all the tools and experience necessary to make any bed bug problem go away. Our crew members at The Exterminators use a combination of high-quality pesticides and steam treatments that reach every single bug. Call Toronto pest control (647-496-2211) today and we’ll get started.