The Best Cockroach Killers in 2018

Cockroaches are perhaps the worst pests there are especially if you got them in an apartment. It is essential to learn how to get rid of cockroaches in apartments to understand how to combat the infestation. They are versatile and capable of taking up residence nearly anywhere. It is no wonder they have been around for millions of years. They can adapt to almost any environment, making them one of the most difficult pests to control. However, they do have certain preferences for warm, dark places with poor sanitation.

That is not to say that a cockroach will not find your overly tidy dwelling more than suitable. No one is immune to a cockroach population. So, what can you do if you find that your dwelling has been invaded by these tiny, hard to control pests? Using baits, pesticides, and the help of a professional cockroach control Toronto company can help, but you need to know what works and what doesn’t.


Sprays are perhaps the most popular form of cockroach control. They allow you to spray certain areas where you commonly see cockroaches. Also, you can spray cockroaches directly. Perhaps the reason sprays are so popular is that they are convenient and easy to use. However, the fact that you must spray cockroaches directly or the areas where they walk makes their use rather limited.

Another spray consumers can purchase is a non-aerosol spray. Instead, you must mix the chemicals and add them to a sprayer. Understandably, however, most people do not like the idea of handling toxic chemicals. Also, sprays are not safe for inhalation, meaning you will want to work in a ventilated area and use a mask when using cockroach spray.


Another great option for 2018 is the use of foggers. Foggers have long proven effective at handling cockroach populations. They are easy to use and permeate even the smallest of cracks where cockroaches love to hide. Unfortunately, they create a mess. Also, you face the smallest risk of an explosion if your home uses gas. Make sure you turn off the gas to your home before using a fogger to avoid explosion risks.

Before using a fogger, you will want to remove all animals from your home, which includes fish. Some people would rather not go through the hassle of removing their pets, particularly if they have a large fish tank. You will have to vacate your home for several hours while the fogger does its job. Once you arrive back home, you will want to air it out and clean everything the fogger encountered.


Another popular form of cockroach killer you should consider moving into the new year is cockroach bait. Cockroach bait is a poisonous material available in many forms. Most commonly, consumers purchase bait in the form of gel or containers. The problem with bait is that it is a bit messy and might be tempting to touch by pets and children.

When using a bait of any kind, you may want to switch it up. Sometimes cockroaches will avoid bait once they realize it is harmful. Also, cockroaches can develop resistance to certain baits. You can entice cockroaches to eat bait if you swap it out when you notice they are no longer attracted to the one you are using. The remarkable thing about bait is that it does not take long to minimize and kill a cockroach population.

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