Signs of Cockroach Infestation in restaurant

Why Restaurants Suffer From Cockroach Infestation

The word Cockroach is enough to make your skin crawl but a customer sighting this hideous creature is the least of a restaurant’s problems. These pests potentially carry and spread diseases including cholera, salmonellosis, E.coli, typhoid fever, leprosy, staph infection, plague and listeriotic.

Why Cockroaches Invade Restaurants

Cockroach in restaurant is a common situation and it may seem that cockroaches prefer some restaurants over others. These pests are primarily attracted to three things; a constant supply of food, water and shelter. A restaurant that offers a good combination of the three is a prime target for a cockroach infestation.

Roaches are able scavengers and will eat just about anything that is left out in the open including raw and cooked food and garbage. Dirty dishes in lockers are also a great source of food for these pests.

Although cockroaches don’t pose a structural risk such as termites do, the presence of the pests may indicate existing structural issues. They may find their way into the building through holes around pipes and through gaps, crevices and cracks.

Finally, improper or irregular restaurant cleaning may attract pests. It is also possible for staff to bring in the cockroaches from elsewhere.

Cockroaches may contaminate food by either vomiting or defecating in it, transmitting harmful bacteria to humans. It is better to call cockroach control Toronto when you see even one cockroach in your home.

How to Control Cockroaches in a Restaurant

DIY pest control in a restaurant in Toronto is rarely effective because of the kind of shelter cockroaches prefer. The insects create harborages in warm and damp areas and out of sight. Potential homes include inside walls, inside or under appliances and in cracks, crevices and gaps. Typical DIY pest control is not sufficient to treat all potential locations which require a professional eye. The best course of action in case of a roach problem is to call a professional pest control company.

Cockroaches are nocturnal insects meaning that they are active at night. Spotting a cockroach during the day most likely means that the harborages are overcrowded, causing some insects to wander during the daytime. If you see a cockroach during the day, you are definitely dealing with a sizeable infestation and you need expert assistance as soon as possible.

In addition to the extermination, a cockroach control expert in Toronto can also help with instituting measures to ensure that the infestation doesn’t return once the roaches are exterminated. This may include sealing gaps, holes and crevices, emptying and cleaning indoor garbage bins at the end of each day, disposing cardboard and creating comprehensive cleaning policies.

Hire a pest control Toronto company that offers a warranty for the extermination.  Contact the Exterminators at 647-496-2211 for the quick and safe cockroach control and check pest control products if you want to do it yourself.