Walmart Bed Bug Spray – Is It Really Working?

If you surf the internet or scroll through social media, you will often see ad-related products claiming to be the best of them all. Sometimes, those ads include store-bought bug sprays, including bud bug spray. Perhaps after seeing one of these ads you decide to pay your local Walmart a visit. You are standing in the aisle staring at the assortment of bed bug sprays wondering do yourself, “Do they really work?” or you need to call bed bug control services. If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home or business, contact Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto for safe and effective bed bug treatment. 

Claims vs. Reality

In truth, many store-bought insecticides receive a lot of hype ramped up by advertisers looking to push products. Bed bugs are some of the hardest pests to kill, particularly when they are in the egg phase. While there are sprays that may work on adult bed bugs, they do little to nothing to kill the eggs. Therefore, the eggs will hatch, and you will continue to have live bed bugs in your home.

You may notice that have the option of using a direct spray or a fogger. You will also discover that sprays come in different forms, which may include essential-oil based sprays or detergent-based sprays. Of the sprays purchased in stores, essential oil and detergent-based sprays seemed to provide the best results. In some instances, the mortality rate was as high as 86%.

What you need to look for is an insecticide that performs two jobs. The insecticide should kill bed bugs on contact, yet leave a residue behind that will kill bed bugs that encounter it. Unfortunately, trial studies show that bed bugs have an aversion to insecticide treated surfaces, meaning they are not likely to cross paths with the residue. They namely show an aversion toward insecticides with plant-based oil.

While the advertisements might claim 99% or even 100% effectiveness, the reality is much different. There are products that offer favorable results, but they do not provide you with 100% effectiveness, which is what you want and need. The goal is to eliminate bed bugs entirely. Even a few remaining stragglers can repopulate your home and cause a re-infestation.

Professional Treatment

If you really want to cure a bed bug infestation, nothing beats a professional service. Extermination services can detect the presence of bed bugs and provide you the treatment needed to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. Although an expert may also use a fog or spray, it is not the same as the fogs and sprays you purchase at Walmart.

Instead, exterminators use a professional grade spray available to licensed professionals only. The spray eliminates bed bugs, most of which die on contact. Those that do not die on contact expire shortly thereafter. The goal is to eliminate bed bugs as quickly as possible. While purchasing your own spray may seem like a clever idea, it will not provide you with the immediate relief you need.

Professional bed bug exterminators are the only ones who can deal with this problem permanently. Contact The Exterminators – Pest Control Toronto at 647-496-2211 and we will make sure your bed bug problem disappear. Not only can we remove the adult bed bugs, but we can also eliminate their eggs, thus completely eliminating the infestation, we also offer bed bug control products.